Sweden: Boys facing honor violence

Boys are also victims of so-called honour violence, according to Save the Children Sweden, an organisation dedicated to upholding children's rights both at home and internationally.

The number of boys reporting that they have been the victim of honour violence is between five and ten percent.

Monica Brendler, a psychotherapist at Save the Children Sweden, believes the problem is even greater. Speaking to Swedish Radio, Brendler told of boys threatened with violence if they do not adhere to their parents' strict rules and in some cases are even sent to their parents' homelands to be "educated" in their relatives' way of living.

Brendler feels that society is usually better at helping young males who themselves display aggressive behaviour rather than those who are victims of aggression or threat.

Brendler called for special emergency centres for boys and young males, just as there are those for young girls.

Source: SR (English)

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