Germany: German-Jewish Writer Opposes Anti-Islam Conference

A well-known Holocaust survivor has said he strongly opposes the international anti-Islam conference slated to take place in Germany next month, despite his critical stance on Islam.

German Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Ralph Giordano has come out strongly against the planned so-called Anti-Islamization Congress -- a meeting of extreme-right European political forces -- planned for Sept. 19-20 in Cologne.

The meeting will be attended by some of the most inflammatory names in European race politics, including Jean- Marie Le Pen of France, Austria's Heinz-Christian Strache, and Belgium's Filip Dewinter.

In the past, the Pro Koeln and Pro NRW have invoked comments by Giordano, who has said he considers German integration policy a failure. He has also warned of "false tolerance" in the prosecution of foreign juvenile delinquents.

But Giordano now says he does not want to be "instrumentalized" by the extreme right at the conference.


Source: DW-World (English)


Anonymous said...

These are the extremes to which the unholy alliance between Islam and the far Left goes. How can a Holocaust survivor not recognize what happens when Islam is not controlled, given what happened in Eastern Europe during WWII the years leading up to it when 90% of the Bosnian Jews were slaughtered, as were the Christian Armenians? This guy likes Islam because it wants to subvert the state just like he does as a communist. Both ideologies are parasitic, cannot sustain themselves in the long term, and arise from a basic deathwish. "The Pro Koeln movement doesn't want any democracy at all, he said, adding that he would "defend any Muslim who is affected by anti-foreigner feeling or xenophobia." OK, I can understand how he would hate Germans, really, but the reality of the situation is that the very people he's defending want another Holocaust and the Germans would never stand for that. But then again, they deny the first one just like he does. Politically-correct backstabbers baffle me with their hypocrisy, but his case is just ridiculous. He knows what Islamization means for Jews as soon as they get their way. There used to be Jews all over the Middle East and in Bosnia, but now there aren't. That is not an accident. He needs to brush up on his Bat Y'eor and find out how much "better" Jews are treated under modern Islam than by the Germans during WWII. They get slaughtered in the street and the police-state government looks the other way, just like the Egyptian government does every single day when Copts get kidnapped and murdered.

I wish we had an Anti-Islamization Congress in America. I wish that members of the far Right had a voice in government at all, but they don't, and when they are given a voice, it's only the fundamentalist Christian ardent pro-lifers, when even Jerry Falwell was saying in the years leading up to his death that abortion should take a far back seat to immigration and national security. The far Left runs the Democratic party. This has never been more evident, since Pelosi shut down the Congress so as to not allow a vote on energy policy because she knew she would lose beacuse most of the Democrats would vote in favor of the bill, so now Democrats who don't hate America are marginalized. And of course the guy they pick as their presidential candidate has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. But the far Right has almost no voice in government. I realize that they don't, by and large, in Europe, but you guys are smart enough to not be stuck in a two-party system which doesn't end up representing anybody at the end of the day.

Esther said...

Hi jdamn13,

Nobody said that when Giordano expressed himself against the Cologne Mosque (see below). Not everybody who opposes the extreme Right comes from the far Left or is pro-Islamization.

But the proposal has also drawn fierce criticism from a respected German-Jewish writer, Ralph Giordano, who said the mosque would be “an expression of the creeping Islamization of our land.” And he does not want to see women shrouded in veils on German streets, he said.

Mr. Giordano’s charged remarks, first made at a recent public forum here, have catapulted this local dispute into a national debate in Germany over how a secular society, with Christian roots, should accommodate the religious yearnings of its growing Muslim minority.

Anonymous said...

That's just confusing. He's afraid of creeping Islamization ad headscarves in the street, but then he's anti-anti-Islam and would "defend any Muslim who is affected by anti-foreigner feeling or xenophobia." What?

Esther said...

Hi jdamn13,

You take the idea of "anti-Islamization congress" at face value. But there is a difference between 'anti-Islamization' and 'anti-Muslim' or 'anti-foreigner'.

The people mentioned are considered right wing extremists, racists and xenophobic. There's a debate regarding Dewinter, but in this case he's in bad company.

Giordano obviously doesn't want to associate with them and he doesn't want them to use him as an excuse.

This does not in itself turn him into a leftist or pro-Islamization.