Kiev: Mecca night club renamed

Kiev: Mecca night club renamed

Chian reports the name change was made just before the grand opening.


According to Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya, in Kiev, No Name night club will replace the night club named Mecca following the protest of the Moslem community.

Deputy head of Kiev city administration Sergey Rudyk said that the city authorities had accepted the protest of Moslems and persuaded the owner to rename the club.

The club has removed the plates carrying its old name and is now preparing new ones.

The Moslems of Kiev reportedly referred to the club's name Mecca as "an opened provocation."

"Giving names of Moslem holy places to hot spots shows utter contempt for Moslems of the Ukraine and the whole world. We, therefore, demand to prohibit entertainment facilities to use religious notions," the statement by followers of Islam said.

Sources: Interfax (English)

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