Norway: Muslim girls beaten for not wearing the hijab

Norway: Muslim girls beaten for not wearing the hijab

Muslim girls who don't  wear the hijab all the time are beaten, says Gerd Fleischer, of Self-Help for Immigrants and Refugees (Seif).

"In my office, women cried brave tears over having to go with a hijab.  Countless young women despairingly told me that they don't have the hijab on all the time, they'll get a beating."

"These don't dare appear in the public debate," Fleischer told Vårt Land.

She's upset that young Muslim women say they are free to choose if they want to go with a hijab.

She says that the proud educated women who appear with the hijab, know too that their sisters are coerced.  But they speak little of it.  Fleischer says it should be part of their women's liberation to also support them.  The coercion many women experience, is barely mentioned as an aside.

She says young girls have to move to other places in the country and live in secret addresses, also because they don't want to go with a hijab.

"Parents often beat their daughters into obedience and virtue and the hijab as a rule constitutes part of the control," says Fleischer.

She agree with Progress Party (Frp) head Siv Jensen that the women's movement of the left in Norway doesn't care about non-Western women.

Liberal politician Abid Q. Raja will head the parties work with the minority issue.  He thinks the Labor Party (Ap) wronged the immigrants more than the progress Party.

"Frp just used scolding, but Ap completely neglected the problem areas for fear of being called racists.  Not making demands from fellow citizens is not taking them seriously.  We don't need to be pissed on behind our backs," says Raja.

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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