Austria: Imam conference calls for better understanding of Islam

Austria: Imam conference calls for better understanding of Islam

The Third Conference for European Imams and Religious Advisers concluded Monday with a call for a better of understanding of Islam in order to defuse Islamophobia.

The final communique, read by head of the Authority of Muslim communities in Austria Anas Al-Shaqfa, called for addressing that problems that were really posing as a threat to Europe, pointing out that Europeans should not be fearing Islam and should concentrate on finding solutions for current economic problems which were sweeping Europe.

Gaining political grounds by using Islam as a target was a prejudice step, noted the closing statement, adding that such maneuvers were ignited right and extremist political parties for its own benefits.

The final communique called on Imams and religious advisers to spread the true message of Islam which called for co-existence with people of other faiths and religions, adding that Muslims in Europe should be working on the same page regarding shifting the image of Muslims there.


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Source: Eurasia Review (English)

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