Brussels: Municipality doesn't allow veil ban protest

Brussels: Municipality doesn't allow veil ban protest

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The Muslim organization 'Muslim Rise' is calling on Muslims all over Europe to come Saturday to the Brussels Stock Exchange to protest against the burka ban. The city of Brussels is not allowing it, also because the Zinneke Parade will be marching through the city at the same time.

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The Muslim organization say they want to express their dissatisfaction in a peaceful manner. The demonstrators will go out into the streets to "allow the next generation a life with Islamic dress."

Similar demonstrations will take place at the same time in the UK and Ireland, where demonstrators will stand by the Belgian embassy.

A spokesperson for the city of Brussels told that the demonstrations can't take place.

"We made this decision on the basis of three criteria. On the application there's no official name, but rather an Islamic pseudonym. Moreover, 40,000 people will be coming Saturday to the Zinneke Parade, a family party. Finally, the police also gave negative advice, since the chance for a counter-protest is too great."

The organization was asked to stop all advertisements. the police will also warn all possible demonstrators Saturday that the demonstration has been canceled.

"Safety first," the spokesperson concluded. "A number of years ago we canceled a protest of the extreme right for the very same reasons. The nature of the protest has nothing to do with the decision to cancel the demonstration."

According to the organizers, there is no ban, and the protest will take place. The protest was planned for Saturday by the stock exchange, starting at 2pm. The police will call in extra manpower to guarantee safety.

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