Netherlands: 'No welfare for first ten years'

Netherlands: 'No welfare for first ten years'

Immigrants may not apply for welfare for the first ten years they're in the Netherlands, says the VVD.

The PVV also wants to exclude immigrants from welfare payments for the first ten years. Both parties said the costs the social security system incurs from immigrants are 'unacceptable'. "The VVD wants as many immigrants as possible to work, that is the best way to integrate," said VVD parliament member De Krom.

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Immigrants should in any case be fluent in Dutch, before they can claim welfare, the liberals say. Unemployment benefits should be given in an 'ingrowing model', in which immigrants gradually build up their unemployment rights. The party says it's unacceptable that foreign unemployed get full unemployment benefits, when they've barely contributed any premiums. Adaptation to the EU regulations is needed for these measures.

The Nyfer research agency recently calculated for the PVV that the inflow of non-Western immigrants costs society 7.2 billion euro a year. A non-Western immigrant aged 25-35 would cost the public sector 40,000-50,000 euro.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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