Netherlands: Wilders' Mohammed cartoon censored

Netherlands: Wilders' Mohammed cartoon censored

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An election stunt by Dutch daily De Telegraaf has gone awry as Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is accusing the paper of censorship.

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De Telegraaf has offered five party leaders one page each in the Monday edition of the paper, which they can edit according to their own ideas.

Mr Wilders was planning to include a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed on his page, where the anti-Islam politician wanted to discuss freedom of expression. Telegraaf Editor Sjuul Paradijs has said such cartoons are "needlessly offensive".

"Mohammed the Prophet (PBUH) has a message for Geert Wilders!"
On the sign: "June 9, 2010", "elections"


Sources: RNW (English), GeenStijl (Dutch)

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