Netherlands: Gov't body drops project on role of religion

Netherlands: Gov't body drops project on role of religion

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The Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is dropping advice on the role of religion in the public domain. The plug has been pulled partly from political correctness, according to WRR staff member P. de Goede.

De Goede said yesterday in Nederlands Dagblad newspaper that the topic has been dropped from the agenda partly due to lack of time. "But the fact that the theme is extremely sensitive also played a role." He "regrets" that the recommendations will no longer be made.

In December 2006, the WRR presented its report "Religion in the public domain." It was the intention that an official recommendation to the cabinet on the role of religion would follow, but this project has now been dropped.

The WRR is still preparing a "supplementary publication" on the role of religion in the public domain, WRR communications advisor M. van Leijenhorst said yesterday in a reaction. But she was unable to say when this will be and in what form.



At the University of Tilburg, there's currently on-going research abuot the role of religion in the public domain in the Netherlands, and the consequences for adminsitration and politics.

This is led by profesoor fo Professor of Public Administration Gabriƫl van den Brink.

He's aware that the WRR dropped their advice on the issue. "If they don't research it, we will," is his only comment.

Van den Brink suspects that the current policial climate is the reason for dropping the WRR advice. "Apprently the government doesn't want to burn their fingers on the issue of religion."

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Sources: NIS (English), Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch)

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