Norway: Artist explains why he won't criticize Islam

Norway: Artist explains why he won't criticize Islam

Rotmo was interviewed before the Vilks attack.

This interview shows how ridiculous it is to accuse anybody who criticizes Islam of being an Islamophobe. Here we have a guy who thinks Muslims will kill him if he dares say anything and that Muslims will take over Norway. Sounds like the very definition of Islamophobe to me. Should he criticize Islam in order to prove that he isn't?


Artist and social critic Hans Rotmo (62) incurred the wrath of Christians many times, but he doesn't dare take on Islam.
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Musician and author Hans Rotmo doesn't dare show or put on plays that criticize Islam.

Rotmo, who in the past criticized Christianity, and released the Christian-critical Christmas album "Vårres jul" (1980), doesn't think Muslims are as tolerant as Christians when they're targeted.

"If I would have said what I actually think about Islam, I wouldn't be in this world for long, no," Rotmo told NRK.

Rotmo is currently working on recording a new Christmas album to follow up "Vårres Jul" 30 years later.

"When I released "Vårres Jul" and explained that Christmas is older than Jesus, many people were provoked. They wrote in the papers and were really bitter and were really hurt and sad," explains Hans Rotmo.

He doesn't think that will happen this time. To the question on how that's become of social-critic Rotmo, he admits he doesn't take chances.

"If I had created anything showing Muslim duplicity and such things, things would have been difficult."

He's certain that sooner or later somebody will make a "Vårres Jul" about Islam.

"But it won't be me. I don't dare do that. I know Islam quite usefully. It's a completely different mindset. We who don't believe in Islam are condemned to perish. It says so in every sura in the Koran."

"It will be dangerous if I will decide to do with Islam as I did with Christianity," Hans Rotmo told NRK.

He thinks it's harder to criticize Islam because he himself is not Muslim.

Q: Can't all religions be looked at critically?

"Yes, but I think they need to do that themselves, down in key areas. It will certainly not be perceived as especially informative if it comes from me. I will keep far away from that," says Rotmo.

Another reason for Hans Rotmo's fear to say his opinion about Islam is that he's certain that Islam will be the prevailing religion in Norway.

"Noway will be Muslims within 50 to 100 years," Hans Rotmo told NRK.

It's just a matter of time and the way before all Norwegian folklore and Christian culture becomes a relic, say the artist.

Q: You're convinced of that?

"Yes. Just extrapolate the curves in the population statistics. Sweden and France will notice this first.

Hans Rotmo has often been association with the political left in Norwegian politics. He admits that his statements will be linked by many to a completely different political direction.

"Yes, but wise thoughts can come from the strangest communities. This comes because all others are afraid. You can just look at Statistics Norway. They must be terrified that they don't dare tell how things will really be," says Hans Rotmo.

Source: NRK (Norwegian)

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