Denmark: Police holding proof of ROJ TV-PKK links

Denmark: Police holding proof of ROJ TV-PKK links

The Danish police have evidence of a clear link between the Kurdish Roj TV and the PKK, who are on the EU's terror list.

For at least a year, the police have been holding photos showing top officials from ROJ TV on a secret visit to the PKK training camps. They've also had a witness for just as long, knowing of PKK's funds going to ROJ TV. And yet, the station continues to broadcast with a Danish license, and no one in charge has been held accountable.

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Manouchehr Zonoozi (former ROJ TV director) and
Metin Yüce (ROJ NV director/Belgium) with the troops

Now Berlingske Tidende is publishing photos [see more here] and an interview with the key witness, the former director of ROJ TV Manouchehr Zonoozi. He came forward due to frustration at the police hesitation. At the same time, the police increased security around him, fearing a response from the PKK.

Manouchehr Zonoozi (former ROJ TV director) at the training camp in Kurdistan

Metin Yüce (ROJ NV director) checking out a Kalashnikov

The new information will, according to experts, shake the Kurdish community in Europe - particularly in Germany and Belgium, where for years the authorities have tried to stop the PKK's influence and ROJ TV's broadcasts. And the revelations can have lasting consequences for Denmark's already tense relations with Turkey, says Turkey expert Daniella Kuzmanovic of Copenhagen University.

"Turkey will use this as an example of how the country can't rely on Denmark's willingness to help Turkey's interests".

In 2005, Turkish PM Erdogan left a press conference in Copenhagen with then Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen in protest against ROJ TV's presence, and last year Erdogan threatened to veto Rasmussen's NATO candidacy since the Kurdish TV station continues to broadcast from Denmark.

The head of the Danish parliament's legal affairs committee, Peter Skaarup (DPP), demands an explanation from the government. "Everybody has been looking for a link between ROJ TV and PKK. Now the police have evidence, and so it's surprising that it hasn't led to the matter having consequences," he says.

The Copenhagen Police, Copenhagen prosecutor, and Justice Minister Lars Barfoed (K) have no comment. ROJ TV continues to deny any link to the PKK.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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