EU: Terrorism financing ring arrested

EU: Terrorism financing ring arrested

On 11 May, five alleged key organisers were arrested as a result of judicial investigations and police operations. The investigation started in 2007 in Italy into the activities of an organised criminal group active in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Romania, Albania, and Italy. The group had its headquarters in Rome and Milan, and was involved in illegal immigration and drug trafficking for the purpose of financing Islamist terrorism.

The group trafficked Afghani and Pakistani nationals with counterfeit documentation via Iran, Turkey and Greece to Italy. After arrival in Italy, the victims were put in trucks bound for Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the UK, and Norway.

Eurojust facilitated the co-operation of the judicial authorities at every stage of the operation. It helped with the execution of the Italian EAWs in different Member States, and co-ordinated the final and very difficult synchronised arrest phase.

All five targets were arrested simultaneously; two in Italy, two in the UK, and one in France. Some house searches are still ongoing. In a related operation some days ago, French authorities arrested another six members of the same organisation.

Source: EUROJUST (English)

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