Netherlands: Non-Western immigration costs 7.2 billion euro a year

Netherlands: Non-Western immigration costs 7.2 billion euro a year

Slightly more than a month ago, Wilders published the initial findings (to Nyfer's annoyance), saying that Non-Western immigration costs 6-10 billion euro a year


Non-Western immigration costs Dutch society 7.2 billion euro a year, according to a study published Wednesday by economic research agency Nyfer for the PVV fraction in parliament.

Nyfer bases their calculations on a yearly net-flow of 25,000 immigrants and the same number of descendants. According to the researchers, these immigration make use of more collective services and pay less taxes and premium than the average Dutch. they're also more often on social welfare and have disability insurance and unemployment benefits more often. They're also overrepresented in crime, which leads to additional costs.

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PVV leader Geert Wilders said the results of the study were shocking. he had asked Nyfer to study the costs of immigration when last fall then integration minister Eberhard van der Laan responded unsatisfactorily to Wilder's question on the subject. The PVV is happy that the taxpayer finally knows what is happening with his money, says Wilders.

The PVV leader says that ten years of unmodified immigration policy means a bill costing society 72 billion euro. "The fact that mass immigration is also disastrous financially, confirms the need for measures which the PVV wants, such as an immigration stop for people from Muslim countries, a reduction of the remaining immigration and asylum flows, and excluding new immigrants from benefits for ten years."

Nfer says the study confirms the conclusions of a similar study of the CPB (Central Planning Bureau) from 2003. CPB's sum would now come out to 6 billion euro, says Nyfer. According to the Nyfer researchers, the difference between their findings (7.2 billion euro) could mostly be explained by the fact that they're more pessimistic about the rate at which the second generation will catch up in the job market.

Accordingto Statistics Netherlands (CBS), non-Western immigrants are those born in Africa, Latin America, Asia or Turkey, or have at least one parent born in those countries. Most come from Turkey, Morocco, Suriname, the Dutch Antilles and Aruba.

In response, the anti-racism organization Nederland Bekent Kleur (Netherlands recognizes color) called the ideas of the PVV "your own people first politics". They say that the PVV discriminates by wanting to shut the borders exclusively to people coming from countries with a certain religion. This measure in the elections platform is one of the many proposals with which the PVV discriminates against Muslims.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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