Netherlands: Dead sheep in protest of mosque

Netherlands: Dead sheep in protest of mosque

In related news, a gang of hooded thugs attacked a mosque in Renfew, Scotland by pelting it with eggs while prayers were ongoing inside. (h/t Islamophobia Watch)

In France, three tombs were desecrated (FR) with racist inscriptions in Vienne (Isère). The graffiti was aimed at the French Harki community.

Mohammed Moussaoui, head of the CFCM, said his organization "strongly condemns this new attack and expressed its complete incomprehension at this series of desecrations which sadden and hurt the Muslim community of France."

Previously Muslim graves in Tarascon were toppled and smashed. The perpetrator was caught and according to the local prosecution, there was no racist motive. According to one news report, he's apparently North-African.


The chairman of the Moroccan mosque in Roosendaal responded in anger to the hanging of a dead sheep at the place where a new mosque is to be built.

Karim Ahlalouch says especially the first generation Moroccans were hit hard. He thinks it's the latest proof that the Netherlands has become intolerant. "We're slipping as a society," he said Sunday.

Unknowns had hung a dead sheep at the demolition site at Burgemeester Schneiderlaan in Roosendaal, the police said Saturday. "No mosk" (no mosque) was painted in green on the fleece. According to the police. The police said that several people must have been involved in this operation, taking into account the position of the animal and its weight. The sheep was hung at a height of 4-5 meters, head down. The ship was fixed to a strap.

There are plans to build one of the biggest mosques in South-Netherlands at the site, 2200 sqm in area.

There were already previous incidents around the mosque, such as graffiti and arson. Ahlalouch says that particularly in the neighborhood there's a lot of protest against the mosque. But he doesn't suspect the neighbors of this deed. He is shocked though by the language he finds in the objections that were sent to the Council of State, in which the residents fight the mosque building.

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Source: Omroep Brabant (Dutch)

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