Belgium: New radical group to protest against European oppression

Belgium: New radical group to protest against European oppression

A new Muslim organization, Muslim Rise, has sprung up in Belgium to organize a protest against the upcoming veil ban. The organization also invited well-known British radical Anjem Choudary. I wouldn't be surprised if this is Sharia4Belgium redux, and/or another attempt by Choudary to set up his organization in Belgium.

Though they say they will have a peaceful demonstration against "the kuffar", their role models are anything but. Khalid Ibn Waleed, Salahedinne Al Ayoubi, Mehmet Fatih are conquerors, and Omar Al Mokhtar was a Libyan resistance fighter against the Italian occupation.

Belgian news are quoting them as follows (though I can't see the source, they might have updated their site): "Democracy has failed again, and we will stress this too on the 22nd, our slogan is short, concise and powerful: the Muslim community is one community, their honor is one, their land is one, their battle is one.."

In related news, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the head of Jamaat-ud-Daawa/Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan condemned several European countries including France, Belgium and Switzerland, for banning the hijab and minarets.

Muslim Protest against the European oppression

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

Salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu

As you all know the disbelievers have shown their true faces once again. They have started with the hijab ban in schools and they have taken it further to also banning the niqab in public. This makes us wonder ... what's the next step? Don't you realize that we are constantly being attacked without any or weak reaction of the Muslims? Hitler didn't immediately send the jews to the gas chambers, he started making laws regardign clothes etc. Well, why are we too blind to see the companions of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin are making their come-back at this time we are currently living in?

Stand up oh Ummah of Muhammad! Defend yourself!

We have organized a protest on 22nd May in Brussels. The location is "La Bourse/Beursplein", Boulevard Lemmonnier. We are planning to express our displeasure on a peaceful manner and make sure they (the kuffar) understand that we had enough of this oppression they are spreading! We are not the Indigenous peoples of the Americas or the Aboriginals to allow such crimes to be committed against us. We are the descendants of great men like Khalid Ibn Waleed, Salahedinne Al Ayoubi, Mehmet Fatih and Omar Al Mokhtar!

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