Sweden: The anti-Catholic cartoon

Sweden: The anti-Catholic cartoon

Tvärdrag, the paper of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League (SSU), published a cartoon in their latest edition, portraying the Pope as a pedophile. The Catholic Church in Sweden is not happy, and Johan Ingerö, editor of the liberal magazine Neo, has lodged a complaint about the cartoon to the Chancellor of Justice.

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Daniel Suhonen, Tvärdrag editor, explains it wasn't meant as an accusation against the Pope, and that there's a political conspiracy against the attacks within the Catholic Church.

Suhonen thinks that freedom of speech should be inviolable, but he wouldn't have reasoned the same way if it concerned Muslims and not Catholics.

"In Sweden Catholics are not a vulnerable group, but Muslims are a group which is vulnerable to Islamophobia," he says.

The Catholics claim in return that they are vulnerable (they're a minority in Sweden made up mostly of immigrants). The cartoon can be viewed here.

Source: Expressen (Swedish)

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