Sweden: Man arrested for plotting terror attack

Sweden: Man arrested for plotting terror attack

Though quite a few Swedes have been arrested abroad for planning and committing terrorism, I think this is a first for Sweden. About two years ago several people were arrested for financing terrorism, at which time it was discovered they might have been planning on attack on Lars Vilks.

In France, meanwhile, 14 people were arrested for planning to break out of jail the man who committed a 1995 metro bomb attack. But in France, arrests for terror financing, recruitment and planning seem to be much more common.


A man has been arrested in Gothenburg on suspicion of planning terror attacks in Somalia, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has said.

The man, a Swedish citizen, was arrested on Tuesday morning in the Gothenburg area, Göteborgs Posten reports. A warrant for his arrest had been issued some time ago, according to police.

He was originally arrested on suspicion of ‘crimes against national security’, but police later said he was now being held pn suspicion of 'conspiracy to commit acts of terror'.

Police must either charge or release the man by Friday.

Prosecutors were on Tuesday giving little information about the man or the nature of the accusations against him. Agneta Hilding Qvarnström, at the national prosecutors’ office for security cases in Stockholm, told Göteborgs Posten:

“The identity is classified, the circumstances are classified, everything is classified.”


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Source: The Local

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