France: Terror cell on trial

France: Terror cell on trial

The group was arrested in 2007.

Nine suspected Islamists went on trial in Paris on Wednesday charged with plotting armed attacks in France.

Five of the men are accused of training would-be paramilitaries in firearms and hand-to-hand combat near Besancon, eastern France. Four others with ties to the group are charged with helping organise the training.

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The nine are accused of carrying out the training with a view to committing acts of terrorism on French soil and were caught after the secret service infiltrated their network, court officials said.

The Besancon group of suspects includes French nationals of Algerian and Bosnian origin, one of whom fought in the Bosnian army against the Serbs in the 1990s.

Investigators found a Kalashnikov rifle and automatic pistols in their possession and said they observed "strict Islamic practice" and were suspected of trying to appoint a radical cleric to head a Besancon prayer centre.

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