Sweden/Denmark: Protests outside Iranian embassies turn violent

Sweden/Denmark: Protests outside Iranian embassies turn violent


Protests outside Iranian embassies in Sweden and Denmark turned violent Thursday as rock-throwing demonstrators tried to force their way into the compounds.
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In Stockholm, one demonstrator received minor arm injuries and several people were arrested as protesters threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at the embassy building. Police said the crowd of around 250 people demonstrating against capital punishment in Iran also burned flags.

Police spokeswoman Christina Johansson said the violence began when about 70 demonstrators tried to push their way through a line of police and into the embassy grounds.

The exact number or arrests was not available, but Johansson estimated them at about five.

In a similar protest at the Iranian Embassy outside Copenhagen, police used pepper spray to try to disperse a group of around 100 rock-throwing demonstrators. Police spokesman Mads Firlings said one officer received minor injuries and four people were arrested.



The protest was "in defence of the Iranian people," according to the application the organizers had submitted for the permission to protest, Andersson said.

CNN Swedish affiliate TV4 reported that an organization called the International Committee against the Death Penalty was behind the protest.

"We are protesting against the death penalty and for the fight in Iran against executions. We condemn the regime that had five political activists executed this Sunday," Mamad Amiri, who represents the organization, told Sweden's TT wire service.

Another protest is scheduled to take place Friday at the same time.


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