Sweden: Death threat, arson attack against Swedish Mohammed cartoonist

Sweden: Death threat, arson attack against Swedish Mohammed cartoonist

Lars Vilks says he got a threatening phone call after the Uppsala attack.

"Is this the artist Lars Vilks?  You will die."

Besides the death threat, Lars Vilks has received many other phone calls in recent days from people who want to discuss what he does.  Many Swedish Muslims responded.

"Some are upset, but they are balanced and want to conduct an objective discussion.  They want me to try and understand their situation."

Q: Can you understand their situation?

"Nothing is so easy as understanding another person, but what does that help?  It's becoming a very complicated world if you need to go around an issue because you need to take individuals into consideration."


Police have launched an investigation into arson after the home in southern Sweden of controversial artist Lars Vilks sustained fire damage on Friday night.

Vilks was not at his home in Nyhamnsläge at the time of the attack. An acquaintance of the artist discovered the damage on Saturday morning. Windows had been smashed, there was minor fire damage to the front of the house and plastic bottles filled with petrol were found inside the property, local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reports.

Police said the house was empty and the fire had dissipated of its own accord. A forensic examination was carried out on Saturday morning.

"We've launched a preliminary investigation into arson," police spokeswoman Sofie Österheim told news agency TT.

The embattled artist, who was physically attacked at a lecture theatre in Uppsala earlier in the week, said he was now considering moving from his home.

"I don't think I can live here full time. It's obvious this is a high risk area. I guess I'll just be here at certain times," Vilks told TT.


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Sources: The Local (English), Svd (Swedish)

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