Netherlands: 50% support forced integration

Netherlands: 50% support forced integration

The debate about integration and immigration is first and foremost a subtle play on words. Many Dutch people are critical of immigrants, but at the same time it seems they don't want to be associated with the ideas of Geert Wilders.

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This according to a study conducted by TNS NIPO for De Volkskrant. The research agency cut the research group into two in many questions, in which both groups were asked the same question with slightly different wording.

The provided substantial differences. When the question was about 'ethnic Dutch and immigrants' 50% of the respondents supported forced integration. Just 19% favored the multicultural model: it's better to live apart peacefully.

But as soon as the same question is asked about 'Muslims and non-Muslims', the percentage of supporters of forced integration drops to 38%, and 36% prefer living peacefully apart. That last point of view is also held by more than half of GroenLinks (Greens) and PvdA (Labor) supporters.

This certainly doesn't mean that Muslims can decide everything on their own. To the statement, "Muslims should decide on their own to which measure they want to integrate," 82% answered "disagree".

According to TNS NIPS, since 2006 the Netherlands has been moving unmistakeably in the direction that newcomers should adapt to Dutch culture. This trend is partially reflected in the electoral platforms of political parties.

About how to deal with the phenomenon of 'black' schools, the people are 'extremely divided'. The opinion that fighting black and white schools is more important than freedom to choose your own school, is rejected by 42% of the people, but endorsed by 41%.

Similar discord can be seen in the statement that freedom of education stands in the way of integration. Agreement with the statement is much greater among liberal parties than among Christian parties.

The topic of integration and immigration, is for many Dutch 8th in the list of issues which play a role in their voting behavior. Health, social security and the economy are the top three. The issue is decisive when choosing a party only for PVV voters.

Twice as many Dutch are structurally negative about Muslims than are positive (31% vs. 15%). According to TNS NIPO this ratio has been stable for years. Half of the Dutch are neutral (52%).

Almost half of the Dutch (48%) say that the government should make family reunification more difficult, 26% disagree. The people are even more opposed to marriage immigration. Two thirds (65%) of the Dutch wants marriage immigration to be made more difficult, 16% disagree.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch), h/t

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