Sweden: Suspects in Vilks attack are two brothers

Sweden: Suspects in Vilks attack are two brothers

The 21 and 19 year old arrested on for the attempted arson attack against Lars Vilks house are brothers, reports Sydsvenskan.

The 21 year old man was arrested in his mother's apartment in Landskrona. He was arrested early Saturday morning - suspected for attempted arson.

"When I heard what happened, I went to the apartment. But the police didn't let me in and they took our mother to interrogation. She felt very bad," says the 21 year old's sister.

The 21 year old moved from Kosovo to Sweden with his family in the early 1990s. He's a religious Muslim and regularly visits the mosque. But his sister says she has difficulty accepting that her brother is now a suspect in the attack against Lars Vilks.

"He's extremely kind. Certainly he's religious, but that doesn't mean that he would do such a thing," she says.

The 21 year old's lawyer says he denies the accusations, and that he didn't get to see all the evidence, but what he did see was quite thin.

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Source: KVP (Swedish)

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