Vilks: Full video of attack / letter from terror suspect

Vilks: Full video of attack / letter from terror suspect

Full video of the Lars Vilks attack below (h/t Hot Air). I think it's quite clear that there are two, maybe three, main troublemakers who are leading the crowd, and yet the police do nothing to stop them. Seems to me that if they would have been kicked out, Vilks would have been able to continue his presentation. It's unclear to me what the police are doing. Maybe waiting for the crowd to calm down on its own?

"I had no plans nor any intentions to plan to kill Lars Vilks," writes the Algerian man who was arrested in Ireland for planning to murder the Swedish artist.

The hand-written letter, sent to the Irish Examiner, is addressed to Vilks and "the Swedish people".

The Algerian is currently in custody, but according to the man's lawyer, it's not for murder plans, but rather for making a threatening call to a man in the US.

His wife, American Jamie Paulin Ramirez — "Jihad Jamie" — has been extradited to the US.

The man writes that Ramirez is sick and pregnant and that he's worried since he lost contact with her and nobody says where she is in the US.

"IT's as if she disappeared from the face of the earth to the Guantanamo camp," he writes in the letter, which Swedish news agency TT has part of.

[Ed.: Both American women suspected of planning to kill Vilks recently appeared in court.]

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Source: Skånska (Swedish)

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