Uzbekistan: Sweden harbors terrorists

Uzbekistan: Sweden harbors terrorists

This is not the first time the Uzbeks accuse Sweden of giving free reign to Islamic terrorists, and in particular to Obidkhon Nazarov. Uzbekistan is not the only country making those accusations, either.

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A cleric based in Sweden has been accused by Uzbek state television of instigating a suicide attack on the US embassy in 2004, as well as directing a series of high-profile killings last year.

A documentary that aired on Thursday night said Obidkhon Nazarov, a once-popular preacher in Uzbekistan who fled to neighbouring Kazakhstan in the late 1990s, had flown to Sweden with the help of "foreign secret services" in 2005.

"Although Nazarov was wanted by Uzbek law enforcement, including Interpol, he could freely fly away from Almaty airport with the help of invisible hands... and found safe shelter in Sweden," the documentary said.

From Sweden "he is still trying to set up his jihad group" that has planned terrorist attacks in Uzbekistan, it said.


Source: The Local (English)

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