Netherlands: Muslim org launches "Really Dutch" campaign

Netherlands: Muslim org launches "Really Dutch" campaign

The Muslim women's organisation Al Nisa (Arabic for "the women") launch their "Really Dutch" campaign on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman says they are using humorous posters to combat prejudices about Muslim women. And at the same time giving the social debate about Islam a face.

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One of the four posters shows a Muslim woman in a Delft Blue headscarf about to swallow a herring. "I like them raw" it says. For those of you in any doubt, raw herring - preferably swallowed whole - is a traditional Dutch delicacy.

The chair of Al Nisa, Leyla Çakir, explains: "We want to make it clear, in a humorous way, that we are Muslims but we're also Dutch. And we want to break down the negative prejudices about Muslim women. That we are oppressed, that we spend all our time indoors. That we have nothing to say."

She adds: "We are Dutch as well as Muslim, so sometimes we do like herring or liquorice or a slice of cheese."

Source: RNW (English), Telegraaf (Dutch)

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