Skopje: Rally to rebuild Burmali mosque

Skopje: Rally to rebuild Burmali mosque

The Council for the rebuilding the Burmali mosque organized a gathering in the Skopje city square to celebrate the cultural and religious heritage of this mosque which was demolished in the 1920s.

The Council is asking for the rebuilding of this mosque built by the Ottomans after the government and Macedonian orthodox church announced that will build a church on the same square.

The Muslim population in Macedonia did not give great support to the so-called project Skopje 2014 where lots of buildings and monuments are planned to be built. They are asking the project to be a mirror of the multiethnic character of the countries population. Approximately one third of the 2 million citizens that live in Macedonia are Muslims.

Few hundred Muslims gathered on the City Square and peacefully showed their support for the rebuilding of the Burmali Mosque. Ramadan Ramadani, the president of the council, opened the gathering. Then actors and religious people read parts of the Koran. The gathering was secured by number of policemen and members of private security.

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