Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Draw Mohammed

"Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" was yesterday but the truth is that every day is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day". Freedom of speech is not something we're given once a year. It's a human right which every human should enjoy year round.

Kurt Westergaard achieved fame by suggesting Muslims were violent. Muslims worldwide, and particularly in Pakistan, went out into the streets to prove him right. And the West folded. Just note how many newspapers print the latest Mohammed cartoon when they report about it.

This might not be Mohammed, but it's the face of Islam. It's not the face of Islam drawn by "Islamophobes". It's the face of Islam that Muslims want everybody to see. Veiled women going out into the streets to protest far away people who might draw offending pictures.

This article was prepared by the Islam in Europe blog - islamineurope.blogspot.com

Newspapers worldwide will not print a cartoon, but this is the type of picture that no newspaper will think twice about printing. Which is more insulting?

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