Belgium: Guess who's making threats now?

Belgium: Guess who's making threats now?

Why, it's Anjem Choudary, soon to be Belgium's very own.

Taking a page from the Anjem Choudary handbook, turns out "Muslim Rise" is actually another name for Sharia4Belgium. Same radicals, multiple groups. And this time, they've brought friends from the UK (Choudary) and Denmark.

I've been reporting about Sharia4Belgium ever since they put up their site. They've been very active since in making headlines (Sharia4Belgium site, Lecture shouted down by radical Muslims, Benno Barnard update, Islamists vs. Communists, Sharia4Belgium making threats on behalf of Malika El Aroud, Belgium: New radical group to protest against European oppression)

Do you think that's smart? Or, as Abu Imran boasts here, does that help their cause? Does it matter?


"I warn Belgium. If a burka ban is maintained, than that is a path which will lead straight to violence." Anjem Choudary, head of the British banned group Islam4UK, sounded exceptionally threatening in Antwerp yesterday. "We will only rest when the the flag of Islam flies everywhere."

The extremist Anjem Choudary was in Belgium yesterday at the invitation of Sharia4Belgium, which made headlines when several of its members disturbed a lecture of author Benno Barnard several weeks ago. The reason for the visit of the British extremist was a planned protest against the burka ban, which was supposed to march through Brussels yesterday. Choudary wasn't the only foreigner who had come for the protest. A group of young, radical Muslims from Denmark also made the trip.

But the protest was banned by the Brussels mayor. Abou Imran, head of Sharia4Belgium, therefore decided to finally cancel the protest. "Temporarily," he said yesterday, during a hastily organized press conference. "We couldn't accept that infidel agents would taint our sisters during the protest. But we're not going to leave it alone. We're not slaves or house Negroes that you can do whatever you want to. Our response will yet follow. Because we are Muslims and therefore we are victors, who are here to dominate. And whoever can't accept the domination of Islam, he would have to leave. As far as I'm concerned, to hell."

It was the beginning of a press conference full of threatening language and insults aimed at all non-Muslims. And that's in the De Shelter, a community center of the Samenlevingsopbouw Borgerhout, built as a 'meeting place where all neighborhood residents of various background could get to know each other better."

Abou Imran wasn't the only one who spoke, but also Choudary and another unknown person Sayef ul Islam, who called himself 'an English teacher'. In the hall where a dozen young Muslims from various countries, who occasionally showed that they completely supported the statements.

"I have a warning for Belgium," said Choudary. "If you would take off our sisters' burkas, then you're walking a path that will lead to physical confrontation. I'd like to be clear, so that nobody would say later that they weren't warned. We are not like the Christians. If somebody hits us, we don't offer the other cheek."

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But it wasn't only about the burka in Belgium or the banned minarets in Switzerland. Their ambitions reach much further. "We will continue until the flag of Islam flies all over Europe".

Choudary says he's thinking of moving to Belgium. In England, where he's from, he doesn't feel welcome any long. His organization Islam4UK was banned at the beginning of the year by the British authorities because they've broken the terror laws. Organizations could also be banned if they glorify or encourage terror acts. "Great Britain is more intolerant than Belgium," says Choudary.

The most extreme statements came yesterday from 'teacher' Sayef ul Islam, who radically turned against Western society. "Your freedom and democracy belong in hell. And the Catholic Church, what is that? That pope and his gang of pedophiles? The law of God is the law of Muslims. And the terrorists, that's you. But there will be an end to your secular extremism."

Islam, he says, offers beauty and protection. The Western values only produce alcoholism, pornography, addiction and crime. "You live like beasts. Like pigs and apes. But we will bring civilization, because our values are superior. Now the discussion is about whether our sisters may cover themselves. One day we'll say that your women have to cover themselves."

It's unclear how many supporters Choudary, Abou Imran and Sayef ul Islam have. They're often described by the Muslim community as 'exceptions who enjoy little support'. But those present yesterday say the statements of the three were 'very inspiring'.


Abu Imran and friends tried to find another place to hold the protest, but the mayor of the Brussels suburb of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek also refused their request.

"Despite the cancellation, we've won: all over Europe and even the world, they're talking about us. The security services are in a crusade against the Muslims in Brussels. But we're not going to leave it alone, we'll continue the struggle," Abu Imran, spokesperson for the controversial Sharia4Belgium and Muslim Rise, said Friday.

The spokesperson said that there were various protests in front of the Belgian embassies in Dublin, London and Geneva. "In Belgium there's no democracy for Muslims," says Abu Imran. "We will organize other protests in Brussels," he warned.

Together with Anjem Choudary and Sayful Islam of Islam4UK he called to introduce Sharia in Belgium and Europe, and the overthrow the Belgian system. "So that the flag of Allah flies above the Palace and Parliament."

Sources: Nieuwsblad, HLN (Dutch)

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