Denmark: Hezbollah recruits Israeli spy

Denmark: Hezbollah recruits Israeli spy

State prosecutors on Thursday presented a Haifa court with an indictment against detained Arab-Israeli activist Ameer Makhoul, accusing him of spying for Lebanese militants Hezbollah.

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According to the indictment, Makhoul met secretly with Hezbollah agents in Denmark in 2008. There, prosecutors allege, Makhoul agreed to spy on Israel for the Shi'a Muslim group, which gave him specific missions and equipped him with computer programs to send encrypted information over the internet.


State lawyers say both were recruited as Hezbollah spies by Hassan Geagea, a Lebanese businessman living in Jordan, whom they first contacted over funding for Arab-Israeli charities.

Under interrogation, Makhoul admitted meeting a representative of Geagea in Denmark. Last week Makhoul's attorneys said they strongly suspected that his Shin Bet interrogators tortured him during a two-week period following his arrest in which they were denied access to him. Shin Bet denies the claims.


Source: Haaretz (English)

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