Helsinki: Muslims-only hours at the pool

Helsinki: Muslims-only hours at the pool

Via Tundra Tabloids, the Helsinki municipal pool is advertising swimming classes for Muslim girls.

Doesn't this seem discriminatory to anybody?

Looking for more info, I found this story from last year:

The controversial times at public swimming pools in Helsinki reserved for Muslim women are open to members of all nationalities.

Teemu Raatikainen, the head of the Jakomäki public pool, says that Finns have also come to the pool during Muslims-only hours.

He notes that it is not possible to check up on a customer’s religious affiliation.

“We have not asked about it. We have trusted that customers know what times they are coming to.

The decision to reserve specific times for Muslim women was a controversial one in Jakomäki.

“In principle, there is no impediment to common times for swimming. The woman’s religion is of no consequence. Islam teaches that a Muslim woman must not be naked in front of another woman”, says Pia Jardi of the Finnish Islamic Council.

“Finns are used to a different kind of modesty culture and these pool shifts make things easier on both sides.”

“Following the rules is up to the individual. Islam gives the guidelines, that some people follow, and others do not.”

The initiative for hours reserved for Muslim women came from an association operating at the Jakomäki shopping centre seven years ago, and finally went before the Sports Department of the City of Helsinki.

The reserved times have been very popular, although some problems have emerged.


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