Aarhus: Muslim church bodyguards

Ali Kauid and Khalid Omari, two Muslims of Palestinian origin, are now guarding the Gellerup church in Aarhus, preventing vandalism in the church and watching over the parked cars outside.

The two started guarding the church on a volunteer basis three years ago, when youth broke into the cars of people coming for services, and are now employed by the church. They see themselves as the church's bodyguards. The two are members of the 'father's group' in Gellerup park.

Khalid says proudly that there are no more robberies, since everybody knows that they're there and are guarding the place.

The church is satisfied with the two Muslim guards, says one of the parish priests, Neils Hviid. He says that the two are well known and respected in the area, and that adds to the security of the church. They have a good way of speaking with the youth. This also encourages the good contacts the church has with the mosques, imams and Muslim cultural associations.

Source: Kristeligt Dagblad, Udfordringen (Danish)

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