France: Father prevents male doctor from treating wife, sues hospital

A French Muslim couple who sued a hospital after their son was born heavily handicapped were instead fined EUR 1,000 on Tuesday for refusing the presence of a male doctor during labour.

Mohammed Ijjou was born severely handicapped on 8 November 1998 as a result of neurological complications during birth.

According to the appeal court ruling, his father Radouane Ijjou physically barred a male intern from entering his wife's room for half an hour, citing religious reasons, after a midwife asked for help with the labour.

The court in Lyon ruled that "the child's condition is totally due to the attitude of Radouane Ijjou" and that the couple could not hold the hospital responsible.

It said the father's attitude had prevented the hospital from carrying out tests that could have prevented the complications.

"This is a very hard decision. This child is being told he has no one to blame but his parents," said the couple's lawyer Isabelle Damiano.

The couple, whose request for damages was rejected once before in May 2006, were seeking EUR 100,000 in damages from the hospital in Bourg-en-Bresse in eastern France.

Source: Expatica (English)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know, they lost the case. Incredible. Usually in Europe, all you have to do is mention that you're a Muslim and you're immediately elevated above critcism.

'Mr Al-Hasaan, this court finds you guilty of murder.'
'What? But I am a Muslim!'
'Y-you are? Oh, then you're free to go. My mistake. Sorry for wasting your time, sir.'

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly France seems to give the least concessions, with their headscarves banned in schools and such.

And look at that scumbag lawyer. "Boo Hoo they are telling the child it's his parents fault" YEAH THEY ARE, BECAUSE IT IS! If they can't handle that they should have thought about it before the messed up his medical care. Hopefully he's too brain damaged to carry out any jihad

Anonymous said...

You hope he's too mentally handicapped to commit Jihad? Don't be. Islamists had already strapped bombs to retards and detonated their explosive belts from distance.

wwgt said...

mooselemms are a bunch of loons,,
and since the kid is not in good shape , he may be headed for a
" special mission" at a crowded bust stop , you know for allah and all