Amsterdam: Blogger sentenced for inciting hatred

Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet (MDI) reports that Dutch blogger Ertan was sentenced yet again by the Amsterdam court to 100 hours of community service for inciting to hate and violence against homosexuals. He was also sentenced for insulting and threatening then Minister of Foreigner Affairs Verdonk.

In 2004 and 2005 MDI lodged complaints against Ertan after receving more than 130 reports about his sites. In June 2006 he was sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Ertan appealed, but his appeal was rejected.

Ertan had called on his blog to stone Minister Verdonk. Moreover he wrote that "As soon as the Muslim law is in force in the Netherlands, I will be the first who will push off every protesting homosexual with his head down from the Westertoren." Ertan also wrote he wanted to blow up the monument for homosexuals and called upon his reader to made a "explosive party" of the Canal Parade.

According to the court, Ertan is inciting people against each other with his texts and such expressions conflict with the standards and values of Dutch society.

Source: NRC (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Here's what I wanna know: exactly how many times do you have to get slammed in the ass in a mosque before you become a terrorist? Seriously. He knew the press was out for a sound byte and he had to combine sexual imagery with terrorism in the same sentence? Really? Not at all transparent! It's like he WANTED to go to prison so he could be prison gay again and stop having to live amongst us "filthy," "immoral" women. Muslims are the most prison gay people ever. Why do you think they're all homophobic? Because they're all prison gay under gender apartheid! And yet, what do all Muslim men want? Gender apartheid! Interesting, and again, not at all transparent. Did you know that 48% of all "Palestinian" children are raped in mosques, according to the UNICEF website? Only 49% of them are even allowed in mosques (males)! The rest must be ugly, crippled, or lying.

Check out how childhood sexual abuse leads to terrorism:

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How do you become a terrorist and a homophobe? By being raised in a malignantly narcissistic culture without morality, and then by getting slammed in the ass by your own brothers, then at the mosque, and then you take on a boyfriend or two and then lie about it the rest of your life and hate on proud gays who live their lives honestly and with dignity. I love that Denmark protects its homosexuals and locks up sickos like this guy. Viva la Denmark (I wish I knew how to say that in Danish)!

Anonymous said...

Holland! Viva la Holland. I had scrolled down to the next story in my other window, about "Amsterdam: Blogger sentenced for inciting hatred." My bad. Love you both, though.