Denmark: Virginity operation season

The summer months are a big time for new hymens. Young immigrant girls want particularly now to hide evidence of missing innocence, before they get the wedding ring, says gynecologist Christine Feldig, who has a private clinic in northern Zealand.

"We have a boom at the moment. It's always like this in May, June and July. We do about two to three pieces a week just now. It's marriage time." The rest of the year she does about 2-3 hymens a month.

Leif Randeris, head of the immigration council in Aarhus, also says that many girls go for a virginity operation at this time, before they get married abroad.

Randeris and Felding agree that the 18-20 year old girls who choose to do a hymen reconstruction are often well educated and well integrated. But the reconstructed hymen doesn't necessary solve the girls' problems, Randeris thinks, who frequently sees the same girls again when the marriage breaks down.

Source: Ekstra Bladet (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

Don't Muslims take sex ed? Why do they lack the most basic common knowledge? Seriously! Forget the creepy obsession with virginity, which is not all routed in Muslim male inadequacy, obviously, since they're not at all alarmingly anatomically inadequate (Abu Ghraib pics, anyone?). Who the hell still has an intact hymen when they lose their virginity? Like, in order to have an intact hymen at even 15 years old, you would have to have been a hardcore parasitic-sex-slave-baby-factory-in-training your whole life. That means never riding a bike, never playing sports, never going swimming after age 12 (which would be hard to do in those medieval Nazi slave rags anyway, I would imagine, plus I'm sure that any technology as advanced as the tampon is necessarily considered haram), and never even engaging in heavy petting. And even if you "lived" your "life" like that, there's still zero guarantee that you're going to bleed on the night that you whore your life away to your a-hole cousin to whom your family pimped you away for money. How do they not know that? How do they accept it a biological fact that virgins bleed on their wedding night?!? Probably for the same reason they blame women for not producing sons, even though sex is determined by the father's sperm. Oh, that's right! Muslims think that both men and women produce sperm, and that they do it all throughout their bodies and store it in their kidneys. Horrifying.

Cole said...

Why are the Danish allowing these Muslim girls to marry abroad - these are fetching marriages - marriages for the purpose of immigration.

As for their hymens - well who cares!!

Anonymous said...

Their hymens matter BECAUSE YOU ARE PAYING FOR THEM!!!!! That should never happen. It's pointless, stupid, elective surgery which propagates medieval thinking and misogynist, regressive, medieval, intolerable values, like regarding women as mere vaginas and property and sex slaves, rather than human beings who should be married by choice and out of love and partnership. If their families want to kill them over their crazy-ass beliefs, so be it. Then you'll lock up their families, and kill multiple birds with no stones. Just let nature take its course, then call them "true Muslim followers of Muhammad" in the press (even though I know that there was no honor killing in the Koran or the Hadith, but Muslims will be the first ones to tell you that it has a religious basis).

Anonymous said...

Damn! I was wrong. It has a basis in Sharia. I found this on Women Against Sharia:

Ird: the sexual purity of a woman that confers honor to her husband, family and community. Ird is based on the traditional standards of behavior set forth in the shariah code and includes subservience to male relatives, modest dress which could include veiling and the covering of the body, and restricted movement outside of the home. The loss of a woman’s ird confers shame upon her family and can result in ostracism by the community, economic damage, political consequences and the loss of self esteem.

I can't say I'm surprised, though.

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