Netherlands: Few Dutch go to church or mosque regularly

Almost 60% of the Dutch say they are religious, but only a few go to church, mosque or other religious meeting places every week.

In 2005/2006, 58% of the Dutch, about 9 million people, saw themselves as belonging to a religious group or denomination. The largest group are Roman Catholics (29%), followed by Protestants (20%) and Muslims (5%). The remaining 5% is composed of Jews and Hindus, among others. About 42% of the Dutch say they don't have any religion.

Of the 9 million believers, barely 20% - 1.8 million people - go to church or mosque every week. The Protestants are the largest group of church goers, with almost a third of believers going to church every week or more often. Among Muslims 27% and Roman Catholics 7%. 57% said they seldom or never go.

The survey also showed the mostly men go to the mosque: 36% of Muslim men went to mosque at least every week, compared with 16% of the women. Among Roman Catholics and Protestants there were barely any differences in church-going between men and women.

Source: CBS (Dutch)

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