Brussels: Prostitutes conduct 'reign of terror'

Two prostitutes who conducted a reign of terror against fellow colleagues in the Brussels Ijzerbuurt had been arrested by the police. The detectives are still looking for a third woman. The threesome had for months extorted and beat up young women.

The Brussels police had heard of the three prostitutes, of North African origin, already several months ago. They were responsible not only for fights, robbery and noise-making in the neighborhood but also for regularly threatening their colleagues.

The three, who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, aimed especially at young girls who had just come to Belgium and were not yet legal. The girls were not inclined to talk to the police for fear of being deported, and the detectives therefore had trouble collecting evidence.

Meanwhile the extortion continued on. A small group of girls had been picked out as the most vulnerable and had to regularly deal with the three. One of the victims was hit in the head by a glass bottle in one incident.

The detectives did finally manage to find eight girls who lodged a complaint. Fathia B. (39) was arrested on May 26th, followed by Soraya B. (38), on June 3rd.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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