Marseilles: Organ trafficking rumor leads to lynch

Three Romanians were seriously injured and their car burned down in a lynch attempt by dozens of people in Marseilles last Saturday. The Romanians found refuge in a snack bar were they hid until police arrived and saved them, using tear gas and flash balls.

The reason for the lynch is a rumor which has been going about the city, that Fatima (20), a young woman who had disappeared in early May had been found dead and that the body was missing a kidney, the victim of Roma organ traffickers. The rumor is also being passed about via SMS and through blogs who call to crush the Roma.

In this incident, about sixty people attacked the Romanians after a child reported they had been approached by the three.

The Police insist there have not been child abductions or organ trafficking in Marseilles. There have been other attacks on Romanians in the city in recent weeks, though none this serious.

Sources: La Provence, TF1 (French), h/t François Desouche


White Elefant said...

Something very similar is happening in Germany with Udo and Doris Ulfkotte who had to go into hiding under police protection.
A video appeared on the net,
with two people claiming they were Udo and Doris Ulfkotte and started a heavy hate speach against turcs and other muslims.

Now there are thousands of turcs hunting Mrs Ulfkotte, there is even a 1000 euro bounty
on her head.
A summary in English together is available on:

Original reports in German:


Daphne said...

A 1000 euro bounty. Has islam reduced civlised Europe to the wild west of america. If we do not stop this primitive satanic superstition now it will haunt us for ever.