Geneva: American accuses UAE sheik of assault

The brother of the UAE president has been accused in a Swiss court of beating a US citizen with a belt at a hotel bar in Geneva.

Silvano Orsi alleges Sheikh Falah al-Nahyan made homosexual advances and severely beat him when rejected.

Prosecutors say Mr Orsi has been unable to work since the 2003 attack and are demanding compensation of more than 1m Swiss francs (£480,000; $960,000).

Sheikh Falah, brother of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, denies the charges.

His lawyers told the court that the sheikh accepted he had been involved in an argument after overhearing a man calling him gay.

But the sheikh, who was not present at the hearing in Geneva, denies hitting anyone with a belt.

Lawyers told the Associated Press that the three-judge tribunal could take weeks or months to reach a verdict.

Source: BBC (English)

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