Cornwall: Attacks against Islamic Center

Racism is rearing its ugly face in Britain's south-western county of Cornwall with a series of Islamophobic attacks against British Muslims of Asian origin, The Independent reported Saturday, June 21.

"Racism is showing its ugly head," Tipo Choudhury, deputy secretary of the Islamic Center of Cornwall, said.

Choudhury has recently announced plans to establish a community center in the city to serve the Asian community.

But since then, the center has been the target of spate of racist attacks in the recent weeks.

Last Thursday, an obscene graffiti defaming Islam and espousing the cause of Cornish nationalism (the movement calling for more autonomous authorities for the county) was splattered across the center walls.

A pig's head was also nailed early this month to the center's door and "KKK" - referring to the Ku Klux Klan which is a name given to racist organizations – was painted in red gloss on an outside wall.

In a third incident, grafitti featuring far-right nationalist Party BNP slogans was painted on the center walls.

Choudhury also was racially abused by a passing motorcyclist while standing outside the building.

"It shows prejudice is alive and kicking," Choudhury said.

Police said they are dealing with the attacks as "critical" and linked.

So far, only one suspect has been arrested in connection with the attacks but he was later released on bail.


The attacks have drawn a strong condemnation from all the county leaders.

"(The attacks had) brought shame on us all," said local MP Andrew George, who also doubles as president of the Council for Racial Equality in Cornwall.

Dick Cole leader of Mebyon Kernow, the Party for Cornwall, also denounced the attacks.

"(It is) a crude attempt to foster division and intolerance," he said, calling for confronting these racist attacks by all means.

Police inspector Mark Richards said the attacks are tarnishing the country's reputation.

The graffiti was offensive "not only to Asians and Asian religions, but also to Christians and Cornish nationalists whose name has been taken in vain," he said.

Victor Downer, director of the newly-founded anti-racism group Unity Cornwall, said the attacks have sent shockwaves across Cornwall.

"If people are prepared to do this, to sneak out in the middle of the night and run the risk of arrest, what next? The community is feeling very vulnerable," he said.

Britain is home to a sizable multi-ethnic Muslim minority of nearly 2 million, mostly of Indian, Pakistani and Bengali backgrounds.

UK Muslims, who have been in the eye of the storm since the 9/11 attacks, complain of a growing Islamophobic climate in the European country.

A recent Financial Times opinion poll showed Britain is the most suspicious nation about Muslims.

A poll of the Evening Standard also found that a sizable section of London residents harbor negative opinions about Muslims.

An earlier British study had accused the media and film industry of perpetuating Islamophobia and prejudice by projecting Muslims as violent, dangerous and threatening people.

Source: Islam Online (English)


Abdassamad Clarke said...

But this is the ugly face of racism: "Choudhury has recently announced plans to establish a community center in the city to serve the Asian community." We are in England and we have the deen of Islam. Either we are establishing the deen of Islam in England and calling English people to it, or it is a racist club for Asian people. I hope that I am wrong in this. Abdassamad Clarke

Natasha said...

Geesh what the Brits I say this, in regards to

"An earlier British study had accused the media and film industry of perpetuating Islamophobia and prejudice by projecting Muslims as violent, dangerous and threatening people."

WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT. And before any retort with nationalist or racist--let me tell you something of a shock--I'M A FAR LEFTIST INDEPENDENT RADICAL FEMINIST...ooh, thats right, I'm one of the few hard core leftists who don't buy into that whole alliance with OPIATE BULLSHIT.

Islamophobic, what a crock, SERIOUSLY--COME ON ENGLAND,

if the Parliament voted no on all birth control and forced chastity belts would they then scream


OH MY GOSH WHAT SHALL WE DO...Jesus no wonder the world is in the fucked up state its in today.

Seriously--if they want 12th century dark ages, GIVE IT TO THEM...demand the Inquisition again, demand any woman with a cross eye be burned to the stake, WITCH! WITCH! And when they say you are crazy tell them its offensive after all,

its culture and religion and should be protected no matter How barbaric or backwards. Demand serfdom and feudalism too--

do street skits, the far left wants to ally with Moonbats to fight anti-imperialism by propping up worse dark age imperialism AND SLAVERY--NEVER MIND WAGE SLAVERY, HELL, NOW LETS HAVE SLAVERY WITH THE WHOLE WORKS--CHAINS AND ALL...

demand the bringing back the Black Plague too as God's Wrath on the world, LOL, seriously---this is the mentality the far left has sold and is selling us OUT TOO.

Marxism, plaleese, Marx and Lenin both would be rolling over in their Graves. It wasn't THEOCRAT MOONBATS OF THE WORLD UNITE,


It wasn't lets go back in time and back to monarchy and serfdom...or to neanderthal age for crying out loud...

this whole PC bullshit about Islamophobe--and portrayals of violence, well, duh,

ya think morons that if they don't want to be portrayed that way maybe they should stop raping women in Sudan, forcing little girls to marry dirty old Pedophiles, holding up signs saying may Allah put a mushroom cloud over Israel--hey, yea duh STUPID...KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PSI'S, THAT MUSHROOM CLOUD WOULD WIPE OUT ALL OF PALESTINE AND JORDAN AND EGYPT YOU DUMB FUCK MOONBATS, and they wonder why Iran shouldn't have Nukes, DUH FIGURE IT OUT GENIUS--

though maybe Chernobyl in the Desert wouldn't be such a bad idea...

they stone women for being Raped, not just adultery, they have a legal system that hasn't progressed beyond 7th century, I mean,

duh, Gee I wonder why people with Any sense might be fearful of that shit, especially when its in their own backyard, Duh ya think England?

So when the Queen dons a full face Burka on ya think you might NOTICE SOMETHING HAS CHANGED? OR HAS TOO MANY NIGHTS AT THE OLE PUB FRIED YOUR BRAINS TO MUSH?

Churchill would DISOWN YOU...ENGLAND.

Come on, where is your Courage? Even France during WWII had Resisters to the Nazi's, who died, Italy too---


as to the far leftists, LOL what can I say, ROFLMFAO...and btw, my new catch phrase--every time you say something against the right wing religious moonbats for fighting gay marriage or abortion--


who would have Ever thought, the far left/left would become the brainwashed ass kissing to Religious Totalitarian Tsars like they have today?


time to stop pandering to this opiate Crock. to the CAPITALIST HIJACKERS OF THE FAR LEFT---

Natasha said...

Strong words are sometimes necessary--to break through the prisons of FEAR.

And it is that FEAR, that is the reason today's generation is cowering to a totalitarian war against All of humanity. There is time for diplomacy,

but any one can research and see, the unreasonable threat we are up against--it does not matter if one is right or left, white or black, male or female...

the governments ARE NOT GOING TO SAVE US....they are in on it, both right and left--

one sells us [especially women, we are the chattel for the highest bidder] for profit,

the other for power and ideology, is going to come down to us, the PEOPLE, including those trapped in those communities of theocracy who want OUT but there is no where for them to go-the Lolita's of tyranny, chained and if they even whisper freedom--their heads roll, LITERALLY,

as you all have seen.

Strong words are indeed necessary, to slap us out of our complacency. The Trojan horse is not only here among us--there are many climbing on the damn thing wanting a pony ride...

wisdom would seek, the antiquity of every struggle for freedom from tyranny, not just WWI and not just WWII--

and remember every lesson, every creed, every strategy--

and write them in your hearts. And never forget them...

The Trojan horse is among us -- right there--it would do many well--to study how the Russians were defeated in Kabul.


your comrade,
freedom from fascism in All its forms...


ella said...

Racism rears its ugly head, or does it?
The mosque in Truro, Cornwall has been closed in 2003 in part because of residents' complains. Regardless of whether the complains were right or not 33 muslims in Cornwall have been left without mosque. Then in 2004 the mosque has been designated to open in the Newquay.. It was supported by council but there was also a committee against the mosque with 3000 signatures against it. The locals were saying that they would prefer a petrol station which they did not have rather than mosque. Now it seems that the mosque with the Asian centre is supposed to be opened in Truro where many people are against the mosque. The centre is pushed by outsiders and by some Cornwall muslims but there are less than 40 muslims in all of Cornwall (out of the population of 22,000). The rest of Asians in Cornwall are buddists and hindus and it seems to me that they will hardly have a use for an Asian centre with the centerpiece of a mosque.
One also should not forget that the Asian centre will be partially(?)/fully(?) paid for with taxpayers money.
I think that many did not look deeper into situation in Cornwall but started to shout "Racism, racism" . It may be racism but it also may be the angry reaction of citizens who would prefer petroleum station over the mosque but whose wishes fall upon deaf ears of people who hear only the pipes of politcal correctness.

ali said...

England brought this disaster upon itself. Stop taking in muslim immigrants. They are out to provoke the native residents and then they scream "islamophobia" when they get a reaction. Take in non-muslim immigrants and England might be a major economic power again.

Anonymous said...

Please provide evidence from Islamic scriptures that woman should be stoned to death for being raped, and that women should be subjugated and badly treated? Please don't show me ethnic cultural attitudes towards women and stupid case studies from the backward middle east. I want to know the Islamic sources, as far as I heard the man Muslims follow claims that "none of you truly believe until you have treated women well in society"