Denmark: Terrorists, the sitcom

"The Terror Cell" is a new original satirical sitcom entering a whole new arena in Danish TV-drama.

The premise of the show: four very different Muslim men have created a 'terror cell' in Copenhagen and in their run-down apartment they're currently preparing a large terrorist attack somewhere in Denmark. While they're preparing it, they're putting themselves across as completely regular, moderate and integrated Muslims, which is quite difficult for them.

The biggest recurring problem, though, is that they're complete imbeciles when it comes to terrorism. Every episode ends with the terrorists blowing up themselves and their apartment, after which Allah sends them back to Earth, so they can prepare better next time.

An absurd, political incorrect comedy, which will be filmed in front of a live studio audience and will be broadcast on SBS/Kanal 5 in the spring of 2009.

The series was created by comedian Omar Marzouk

"Though Denmark has been through a crisis with the Muslim world. And there are people who are sentenced for planning terror, the subject is not treated in a humorist manner. But there's nothing that builds better bridges than humor. The aim of the series is to create entertainment that Muslims and non-Muslims can laugh at - together! That doesn't mean that we can't tackle sensitive topics, but I will always have heart." says Omar Marzouk.

Source: DFI (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

that's the dumbest thing i've heard today.

why not 'syndicate' MemriTV clips instead? now that's hilarious.... and sad at the same time cause it's real.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - this concept is EXACTLY the same as a TV pilot script that made its way all around Hollywood about two years ago (I work in the movie biz) called "The Cell" by a couple of Hollywood writers. There was no way "The Cell" would make it to air here - and I'm shocked it got green-lighted in Denmark - but the pilot script was good enough to get the writers hired for other shows. I wonder if this Danish comedian stole the idea from them - after all, their script was readily available online.