France: Cross removed at Catholic clinic

Employees removed a crucifix in a room at the Catholic clinic Saint-Vincent de Paul in Bourgoin-Jallieu after the Muslim father of a patient demanded they do so before treating his daughter.

Marie-Therese Besson, manager of the clinic, says that people who choose to be treated at the clinic know that they are a Catholic establishment. It says so clearly at the entrance and the nurses wear a Catholic habit. She adds that there is a small crucifix in every room. In this incident the nurse did what was necessary to calm down the situation.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Bourgoin-Jallieu clinic is part of l'Alliance des maternités catholiques. Sister Marie-Mathieu, head of the board of directors for l'Alliance des maternités catholiques, says the issue will be brought up in the next meeting of the ethics committee. She say that they occasionally face such situations in their institutions, the last time being several months ago when a father broke a crucifix in a clinic in Aix-en-Provence and threw it in the trash. That incident was not tolerated.

The administration says that they regularly treat Muslim women and respect their wish to be veiled. Sister Marie-Mathieu says that such incidents go against the basic tenant of mutual respect.

Source: Le Dauphine Libre (French), see more at the Covenant Zone (English)


Anonymous said...

"Sister Marie-Mathieu says that such incidents go against the basic tenant of mutual respect."


Go to Somalia, Yemen or Saudia Arabia and see how much MUTUAL RESPECT you get as a Christian Sister.

What a bunch of naive bozos!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, basically. Or go to Egypt where monasteries are ravaged and Copts are kidnapped and murdered every Friday. Or go to Indionesia, where the heads of young Christian girls are left on the doorsteps of churches. Muslims are patently narcissistic people. They get off on desecrating symbols of other religions. They freaking blew up the 1500-year-old Buddha statues carved in the mountainsides of Afghanistan for God's sake. But draw a stupid cartoon or print the truth about Islam and Muslims riot. Extreme malignat narcissism is the only name for that. Where Muslims live, these kinds of things happen with much regularity. Sister Marie-Mathieu needs a little refresher course on the fate of Christians in Andalusian Spain.

VampireJack said...

I wonder what would have happened if the Catholics had refused to help the Muslims?

Well it would be Islamophobia of course!

But when they demand to remove crosses and other Christian symbols you must duly do it so not to be Islamophobic - but it doesn't matter that they are Catholophobic!

Unknown said...

The article doesn't say what the girl was being treated for. If it wasn't immediately life-threatening, I'd've told him to sling his hook and go and find another hospital.
Really, no other group of people would even have the tenacity to do something like go for treatment in a religious institution and then demand that they remove religious symbols central to that religion.

Anonymous said...

The administration says that they regularly treat Muslim women and respect their wish to be veiled. Sister Marie-Mathieu says that such incidents go against the basic tenant of mutual respect.

First they achieved to impose their veil in the clinic and now they pretend to remove it's crucifixes.

If they go to a catholic clinic and act in such an aggressive, colonialist and imperialist way, what else do you expect Sister Marie-Mathieu?

Respect!? Don't confuse respect with submission -islam-. As I'm not a Christian believer I will not turn the other cheek. I'm European, I'm Catalan, and I will stand my ground.

Anonymous said...

She should have totally been told to either abide by the Golden Rule or leave - the clinic, the country, and the free world. I wonder if Muslims are afraid of garlic and sunlight too. Not even "Palestinians" who go to Israeli hospitals (which is every sick or injured "Palestinian," since they have failed to build even the most basic infrastructure given 60 years and billions of dollars to do so) would dare pull that crap.

I saw on Oprah a woman who had been raised in a polygamist Mormon cult in Utah which had cut itself off completely from society and Lisa Ling's documentary made their mini-society look like freaking Iran except the women looked like WASP-y Americans from the 19th century, what with the hair and the clothes and all. Of course, inbreeding and marrying off one's underage daughters was the norm in their sicko cult. ANyway, her son got cancer and she had to spend months in "the outside world" in a hospital, and it was then that she realized that everything she had ever been taught about how everyone out there was evil and out to get her was untrue. I don't think that will ever hold true for the narcissist Muslims, that a little dose of reality will ever really straighten them out or humanize them.

Which brings me to my simple solution to the Israel/Palestine problem. The US needs to round up all the Muzzies and the Mormons, and ship them all off to Israel. The Mormons will either get along with the Muslims - being themselves members of a crazy, supremacist, inbred, polygamist, backassward cult - or convert because they're impressionable idiots who believe freaking any craziness you throw at them, or them will get killed. In any event, who cares (lack of question mark intentional). Then we take all the Israeli Jews and give them Utah. They will not have complete sovereignty or be able to live under Zionism, since there is no state religion in the US, but they will safe, free, and happy. Nobody will try to take their land or blow them up, and nobodt will be able to claim that the land is not rightfully theirs (I love capitalism!). And if anyone can make the desert bloom, it's the Israelis. This would be best for all involved - the Middle East, the Palestinian, the Israelis, and of course any society does better with more Jews, so the Americans as well. AM I crazy, or that make perfect sense (please disregard my previous posts should you choose to answer that)?

Esther said...

Hi jetabler,

It makes perfect sense, except for the fact that Jews did not come to Israel to be safe, free and happy. Israel was not a safe, free and happy place when the big groups emigrated to Israel in the 1700s, or when Zionism started off in the late 1800. I won't even talk about how safe and happy were the Jews who emigrated during Crusader times.

Jews come to Israel because it's their country. Therefore, yes - it's crazy to expect them to make Utah their national state.

Throughout history there have been several independent Jewish states. One of them in southern Arabia. None of them ever replaced Israel as the state which Jews wanted to go to.

Anonymous said...

But wasn't Israel originally the ghetto to which the Jews were banished during the Roman Empire? Yes, it's their original homeland, because before (and after) they were forced into the ghetto they were either nomadic, enslaved, or persecuted in any land they lived. Israel was the land where they supposed to be safe, but it was where they essentially lived in Roman dhimmitude. Judaism is a diaspora culture which has never had a safe homeland. I have the utmost respect for Israel for all they've accomplished in such a short period of time. It's truly amazing and definitely unprecedented. And the fact that they have maintained state religion for 60 years without falling decades behind the ball in terms of quality of life, technology, and the economy a` la Italy, Portugal, and Latin America is also unprecedented, and I don't foresee a revolution or civil war in the future a` la Spain or Ireland either. Israel has disproven the first chapter of every poli sci text and changed history forever. That is amazing. Read 'Because They Hate' by Brigitte Gabrielle. The way she describes the harmoniousness and beauty of the country and society is quite touching. I just wish they could be left alone and I know that that will never happen so long as they're in the Middle East, unless we go through with my crazy (and yet sadly reasonable) Nuke Mecca plan. I don't want it to have to come to that, and I'm afraid that it might someday with Iran, largely over the Israel issue. I realize that even if we got every Jew out of the Middle East Iran would try to install the Caliphate in Baghdad or some other craziness.

The Israelis just deserve better and I want that for them. They have never lived without fear and it breaks my heart. If anyone deserves to live freely and prosper it's the Israelis. I've heard that every day in Israel people wait for news of a suicide bombing, and then all collectively exhale because they feel like they have the rest of the day from worrying about being killed or maimed. I don't want for them to have to live like that anymore and I don't think it's worth it just to live in the old Roman ghetto where they were once dhimmis. They also once spoke Yiddish amongst themselves, not Hebrew, but after WWII they didn't want such a Germanic language for their new nation. They've also adapted their 4000-year-old religion so as to fit perfectly into the modern world. They've adapted a supremacist text which paints them as victims so as to reclaim their dignity and live by the Golden Rule, while the Muslims vilify them in the press all the time and then riot, kill people, and try to paint themselves as victims whenever anyone with freedom of speech writes about the atrocities THEY committed or for telling the TRUTH about what they do and stand for. The Israelis could have responded with violence or by trying to make themselves out to be victims, but they always took the moral high ground and handled themselves with the utmost dignity. The Israelis are used to change and adaptation. And they're better at it than anyone. If anything, I would imagine they're more tied to that land because of everything they've been put through just to make it arable, live-able, and because of everything they've been through just to stay there. In short, I think the last 60 years mean more to the Israelis with regard to their land than anything that happened before then. And I realize that yet another exodus is not what they want.

Also, Andrew, your double contraction ("I'd've") made my day. I love that.

Esther said...

Hi jetabler,

Your information is incorrect. Israel has always been the Jewish homeland. Israel is where they built their civilization, spoke their language and practiced their religion. They were not banished there by the Romans, exactly the opposite - after the Jews rebelled against the Romans, they were deported out of Israel.

European Jews once spoke Hebrew among themselves, but they knew to read, write and speak Hebrew.

As for being left alone - why do think that if Jews would leave the Middle East they would be 'left alone'?

Anonymous said...

I DID have it totally backassward about the Romans. Thanks for setting me straight, Esther. Yiddish was the langauge they spoke amongst themselves prior to forming Israel, and Hebrew served the same function that Classical Arabic does for Muslims and Latin used to for Catholics, except that Jews actually understood it, since kids were taught it in school. It was a dead language with an institutional function.

I also think that Jews would be left alone in AMerica if we deported the Muslims because nobody else has ever bothered them except for the occasional turn-of-the-20th-century KKK member, but they were into persecuting blacks anyway. It never occurred to America to deprive Jews of civil rights like it blacks and women(man, that is shameful!). Our national security is superior to Israel's because our military is bigger, because our satellite program has been in place for over 50 years (initially to keep up with the Soviets), and because we watch our skies so that another 9/11 will never happen. And we do not tolerate antisemitism, not that it has ever been much of a problem. 100 years ago it was regarded as part of a bigger immigration problem. Lots of Russian, German, and Sepphardic Jews have lived in America for a century now, and everyone has seen how our society has benefitted from their presence. Remember, we were only able to take out Japan in WWII thanks to the work of 3 Jewish refugees: Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, and Enrico Fermi. Most of the US' Nobel Prize winners, with the exception of those for literature, are Jewish as well. And we punish hate crimes more severely than ther violent crimes. Unfortunately, we rarely call them hate crimes when Muslims commit them, but most other blatantly violent interracial crimes are regarded as such.

We would have to kick out the Muzzies. We would be trading parasitic destructive weeds for precious banzai trees. Of course, I know that this would make America a better place, and want to do this somewhat out of self-interest. I just want a good excuse to kick out all the Muslims. Think what they cost us every year in national security ($100,000/year per Muslim, based on conservative estimates, and remember how little the US $ is worth right now), plus welfare for 90% of them, prison for 5% of them, and all the social services they use (who do you think sucks all that up in a privatized system? not Mexican immugrants who work 4 jobs and pay their bills!), plus public schooling where they never learn so they end up in prison or on welfare anyway, plus the loss of foreign investment, plus the cost of insurance premiums after 9/11. How many Jews do you know who are in prison or on welfare, who get bad grades and lack health insurance, who blow things up and commit hate crimes, who are essentially parasites rotting out the belly of their host (and always have been)? Yes, prisons and welfare are a problem in the black community, but not to nearly the same degree, and they don't cost us anything in terms of national security, insurance premiums, or bankrupt airlines. The only thing Jews would have to worry about in America is Muslims, and like I said, this would be a great excuse to kick them out. They've sufficiently overstayed and abused their welcome as it is, and still they refuse to assimilate, never fail to ghettoize, and the few who are here on student visas do everything they can to dismantle Brown vs. the Board of Education and every civil right our forefathers fought and died for.