Germany vs. Turkey - 3:2

In the end, friendship wins


Our national teams will play against each other for the first time in semi-final of a European Championship.

All of us know there will be a winner at the end of the match and the victor will qualify for the European final.

But this semi-final match is more than just a crucial match. It is also a great chance to show being together with Europe that is also important for them.

No one knows who is going to win the match.

But, we the editors-in-chief of Bild and Hurriyet dailys already know who needs to win this match.

Togetherness and friendship. Whatever the result of Wednesday’s match and regardless of whoever makes it through to the finals, the friendship between Turks and Germans will win out.

Let’s celebrate along with the winning team and jointly support them the finals.

If you remember, Germany played some memorable football at the World Cup in 2006.

Turks, waving Turkish and German flags, celebrated Germany’s win with them.

We desire to see the same pictures again today: Germans and Turks celebrating together.

We wrote this joint column with these feelings inside.

Our teams have been successful.

Live long the Turkish National Team.

Live long the German National Team.

Sources: Telegraaf (Dutch), Hurriyet (English)

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alQasam said...


I'm really interested on how you are posting about Turkey matches in EURO. I have watched a pictures of someone wearing a hijab in the match Turkey in with German. It was a beautiful sight and I really love the view. May I know who is the wife are?; I heard it is one of the congress wife and where I can get the picture?