Sweden: Sweden Democrats support mosque, by mistake

The proposal clearly stated that it was meant to allow conversion of the hall into a mosque, but the Sweden Democrat representative says he misunderstood it.


A far-right Sweden Democrat politician surprised his colleagues in the southern Swedish town of Karlskrona by voting in favour of allowing Muslims to convert a former recreation hall into a mosque.

Despite his party's opposition to Muslims in Sweden, the politician joined his colleagues on the town's environment and buildings committee and supported the measure, reports the Blekinge Läns Tidningen (BLT) newspaper.

The paper wasn't able to reach the politician for comment, but his local party colleague Richard Jomshop said that the vote must have been some sort of misunderstanding.

"A minaret is a strong political symbol for Islam and it stands in sharp contrast to our Christian values," he told BLT.

The Islamic group, which has been active in Karlskrona since 1991, is elated.

"We are really happy," said Imam Abboud Sleiman.

But there are no plans now for the minaret feared by the Sweden Democrats, as the Islamic association currently lacks the money to build one.

Sources: The Local (English), KVP, SR (Swedish)


Anonymous said...

Politicians signing off on things they do not understand is a chronic problem everywhere. It's up to the people to hold them accountable. 'I didn't understand' is a completely unacceptable explanation. He should be sacked simply for being a moron.

Anonymous said...
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