Liege: Girl killed, might have been trying to flee arranged marriage

The girl fell to her death as she tried to leave her house, a few days before the family was scheduled to leave for Morocco. The family, who were all home, was asleep at the time.


A Moroccan girl, Nora (20), fell out of a window in Liege Saturday and was killed. According to newspaper La Dernière Heure and broadcaster RTL, the girl was to be married off in Morocco.

But the family denies that the girl was promised to a Moroccan man. The family is leaving for their homeland soon, though.

The police took statements from witnesses. The girl also had a relationship with a man in Belgium, and he was questioned by the police.

The drama happened early Saturday morning. The Liege prosecution emphasizes that no one else was involved. Witnesses and family members are still being questions, but the chance is small that anybody will be prosecuted.

It is unclear how the girl fell out of the window.

Sources: Het Belang Van Limburg (Dutch), RTL (French)

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