Drammen: Muslims offer help to fire-fighters

Norway is currently experiencing forest fires.


A group of Muslims want to volunteer in Drammen to help out with putting out fires in the Konnerud area, if needed. Tahir Mahmood called up the police to make the offer.

He says they want to show that they belong to this country and this city. He had put together a group of young and old people willing to volunteer as firemen.

Mahmood, a peace activist, says that the Muslims are not part of a group. They are individuals and don't think they need to put together an organization.

He explains that they want to give something back to the city they live in.

Ann-Sofi Larsen of the Søndre Buskerud police district confirms they had gotten the offer. She says that for now they had noted it down. In case of need they first turn to the Civil Defence, but if there will still be a need, they'll make contact.

Henrik Trømborg of the fire department says the offer is fantastic, and that it's very good that people want to contribute as volunteers. He points out that it's difficult to organize because of the need for special equipment to fight fires. He says the heads of the fire department should evaluate such offers.

Source: DT (Norwegian)

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Anonymous said...

I think I'll volunteer to help fight the fires here in Sweden. Since I have no training as a firefighter and I'm not even physically fit to do that type of work, I know they won't accept the offer. But I'll get credit for making the offer anyway and people will think I genuinely wanted to help.