Euro 2008: Turkey vs. Germany

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For Germany's large Turkish population, the Euro 2008 semifinal clash between Germany and Turkey on Wednesday evening is more than just a football match. David Wroe reports on the conflicted feelings many Turks are facing.

Sitting at a cafe in Berlin's multicultural Kreuzberg district, grocery van driver Umit Badem summed up what many Turkish Germans seem to be feeling at the moment.

''Up here,'' he said, pointing to his temple, ''I am German.'' Then he tapped his chest. ''But here, I am still for Turkey.''

When Turkey's veteran goalkeeper Rüştü Reçber saved a penalty and sealed his country's unlikely victory against Croatia on Friday, he put Germany's estimated 2.6 million-strong Turkish community in the unenviable position of having to choose between their ancestral motherland and their adopted fatherland when the two countries meet in the first Euro 2008 semifinal Wednesday night in Basel, Switzerland.

But their decision in Berlin seems clear. With the city's estimated 500,000 Turks – said to be the third biggest Turkish population of any city on Earth – showing an extraordinary outpouring of pride for their roots, the white crescent and star on the red background is almost as common a sight Germany's black, red and gold tricolour ahead of Wednesday's match.


Source: The Local (English)

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