Norway: Money sent to Afghan mosques misused

Afghan mullahs have misused money they received from Norwegian forces for mosque renovations. The Norwegian forces in Maimana in Afghanistan's Faryab province gave local mullahs 120,000 kroner (~$23,000) last year for repairs to local mosques. The money was sent through the Afghan authorities, but only one of the mullahs used it for its original purposes, according to Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

One mullah used the Norwegian money for his own gigantic marriage feast.

Lt Colonel John Inge Øglænd confirms that part of the mosque financial support had gone to other purposes. Financial support for mosques has been discontinued now.

Øglænd can't answer how many mullahs are suspected of having broken the agreement. Afghan authorities are informed about the case, which has not been reported to the police.

The Norwegian financial support was supposed to improve relations between Norwegian forces in the Maimana area and the local mullahs.

Source: TV2 (Danish), h/t Hodja (Danish)

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