Brussels: Less and less women on the street

The following story about a rape in the South Station of Brussels was translated on the Gates of Vienna blog from La Dernière Heure. I bring here another translation from a Dutch newspaper, together with several related items about the situation of women in the area.


A 21 year old woman was pushed against an ATM machine in the Brussels South station by two young men and raped last week. According to the victim, at least three travelers passed by, but nobody tried to help her.

Around 9pm Lola arrived at the South station in a train from Waterloo. She walked over to an ATM when suddenly tow you men asked her in a threatening tone why she didn't wear a headscarf as she should.

"You must know: my daughter has blond hair and blue eyes, that is wholly not a North-African appearance. It was the way of those two men simply to intimidate her, so that it would be easier for them to then abuse her," says Marc, Lola's father.

And that is what sadly occurred. One of the men took out a knife and pushed the blade against the throat. Then he pushed the young woman against the wall and raped her while his friend looked on and watched that nobody would dare interfere.

"Nobody had the courage to save my daughter out of the clutches of the duo," continued father Marc with rage. "According to Lola nonetheless certainly three men passed by, but nobody even got ready to stop. At 9pm at this time of year it's still far from dark and the South Station is is certainly not yet abandoned. Why did everybody leave my daughter to her fate?"

The brutal assault on his daughter reminds Marc as well of the murder of Joe Van Holsbeeck, the youth who was stabbed to death in the Brussels Central Station in order to steal his MP3 player. "That also happened while travelers passed by. Also then nobody thought it necessary to help the victim. I think it's revolting. And I point an accusing finger at the Belgian government, who does nothing to prevent such dramas. After the murder of Joe Van Holsbeeck everybody promised that the number of security cameras in public buildings, such as train stations, would be quickly multiplied. Once more it appears to be empty promises. If there would have been cameras in the South Station, than the unmasked rapists of my daughter would have been identifiably recorded on film. But because it stayed only words, those men could calmly leave the station after their outrage."

The victim was taken to hospital and had lodged a complaint. The police had taken her clothes and had done everything to record as much DNA and other evidence as possible against the offenders. However, so far there's no trace of the rapists.


The following is from 2005, but I thought it worth translating, especially as it discusses the situation of women in the same neighborhood. The articles are from the site of Brigitte Grouwels, a local politician in Brussels, and appeared originally in Het Laatste Nieuws and in De Volkskrant.


In a number of neighborhoods in Brussels there are less and less women on the street. Muslim girls are troubled if they don't wear a headscarf. Ethnic Belgian women are jeered at and called whores if they dare show a piece of naked belly. "An atmosphere of intolerance prevails. Ethnic Belgian women tel me that they wear a scarf because then they aren't bothered any more."

State Secretary Brigitte Grouwels says that that's an unacceptable situation. The women of Brussels will not tolerate it any more.

Safety on the street is one of the themes of the "women build Brussels" (Vrouwen bouwen aan Brussel) that Grouwels organized in 2005. The congress was about the participation of women in social life in the capital, but the fact the women in various neighborhoods can't be themselves any more, is very important to Grouwels.

Q: Have you yourself been troubled?

A: Yes, and my daughter repeatedly, just as her friends. Those are young women dressed according to fashion, with small blouses and even a bit of naked belly. Immigrant girls are accosted if they don't wear a headscarf, but also simply because they walk in the street, or if they dare laugh with each other. Take the Zuidlaan across from the South Station. In the past it was a completely mixed neighborhood, where many Belgians had a store. Now it's a neighborhood where immigrant shops dominate, which are controlled by a specific type of men. They look from the cafes at everybody who passes by and intimidate women. Gradually they disappear from the street scene. An atmosphere of intolerance prevails. Women can't dress like they would want. Well, we are fed up of being called a whore on the street and jeered at because we are not dressed according to the notions of certain men. It is discourteous and disrespectful behavior towards women.

Q: Who do those men say?

A: Remarks like you don't belong here, how do you walk dressed, you're a whore. It's not only along the Zuidlaan but there it's beginning to be noticeable that there are less and less women on the street. It happens just as well in Sint-Joost, in Molenbeek, in Schaarbeek, when they're shopping on the Louizalaan and very frequently on the tram. Rspect is important in the culture of those men. Well, we demand respect for all women. It is a form of verbal abuse that is very disturbing. There are women who tell me if we put a cloth on our head, we're not accosted any more. Well, that is a step too far.

Q: It's the Belgians who must adapt to the immigrants?

A: So it is yes. Women must be able to walk about safely night and day. We haven't fought 50 years for our liberation in order to be set back in time now. We don't want that in any neighborhood in Brussels.

Q: Who are those men?

A: It's particularly Moroccan youth, who think they have a right to impose their standards on girls. It also happen by the Turks, particularly in their community, but it's just as unacceptable. They must also have the right to decide how they want to dress. If we want to show our naked bellies, those men have nothing to do with it.

Q: Were there no great rights in Brussels?

A: That is correct. But we must stay very alert. In the neighborhoods in France where the serious riots took place, you don't see any more women on the street. The men think that they are the rulers in the street. Where we see that happening we must take action. It's a sign that a neighborhood is going the wrong way, and there are neighborhoods that are going the wrong way in Brussels, in Molenbeek, Sint Joost, Kregem, Schaarbeek.

Q: Can you change something there with a congress?

A: Not immediately, but if we make it completely clear, all women together, that we don't accept that and want respect, we'll already be a step ahead. There are many immigrant women signed up. We come together to recognized our problems and to do something about it."

Q: You're a minister, you must do something more about it?

A: The final goal is an action plan for equal opportunities supported by women's organizations. In Sint Joost the police promised that they will send out street educators who would speak to the boys about their behavior. We will support immigrant women's groups, so that they can emancipate themselves. There I want to put in a lot of resources.

"Each day I get curses hurled at me a few times," Congolese Ema (25), sitting at a bench next to the South Station, confirm Grouwels' picture. "The offenders are mostly North Africans. Sometimes they say whore (pute) in your face, but often they curse you in Arabic, so that you don't understand it".

"I know the problem well, a colleague of mine has even got hit one time," says Flemish Nathalie (31), "but much of the fear is in your head. I myself had bought an apartment in Sint-Joost-ten-Node (a municipality to the north of Brussels central, with a large immigrant population) and that is also known as a problematic neighborhood. But if you show that you know the way there, it goes best. In any case I don't let it hold me back from going about in the evenings".

Maaike (24), who had lived with her friend for a year in the area of the South Station, did feel restricted. "When I walked to my school in Anderlecht, I was continuously accosted on the way by groups of men on the street. By itself it was harmless, but after a month I've had it with it so much that for the rest of the year I took a bus."

One time during the year she wore a skirt, and that was also the last time. "I wasn't yet on the street and I was already called a whore. while it was quite a modest skirt, till even under the knees." In the end the disapproving glances and remarks annoyed Maaike and her friend so much that they decided to move.

Is Brussels really the Bronx of Europe, or are the most notorious neighborhoods of the Belgian capital not worse off than the Schilderwijk in the Hague or Zuidoost in Amsterdam? That is hard to judge, because there is no concrete data about the number of women who feel threatened or intimidated. "Women who are verbally abused, can go to the police with their story, but they don't keep data on it," says Dirk De Backer, Brigitte Grouwels' spokesperson. Moreover, he adds, people don't complain so quickly about a few curses from a men on the street.

In the somewhat dingy area about the Annessens metro stop, on the Anderlecht-Brussels border, women without a headscarf seem to be in the minority. On her way down to the underground, Zoubida (41), herself a Moroccan, wants to say something about the behavior of some of the townspeople, on condition that her full name will not be published. "I've never been truly driven into a tight spot, but I avoid certain neighborhoods, and then too as much as possible," she says while looking about nervously. "Molenbeek, Schaarbeek, and also our neighborhood. I take the metro, come here to the hospital and go immediately back home again." Zoubida is a practicing Muslim, but doesn't wear a headscarf on her colored blond hair. "Because my employee doesn't support it, but also and especially because I don't think it's necessary. I'm a Muslim in my heart, raise my children on Muslim values, and that is the most important, I think. But some Moroccan Belgians think differently about it," she sighs.

Zoubida also advices to take the metro quickly, since staying around and asking questions will cause problems. "Or did you bring somebody to protect you?"

Cousins Sabria and Nisrine, both 17, worry less. Arm in arm the girl go to catch up with the last exams before Christmas in their Dutch school. Their darker curls dance unhampered by a veil on their shoulders, both have on tight jeans and a black jacket. "Boys on the street have constant criticism if you don't cover your hair," confirms Nisrine. "As if girls with a headscarf are so much more respectable," says her cousin with indignation. "Because we don't wear it, they think that everything is allowed. They ask for your telephone number,or begin to pick on you just like that. If you than show that you don't want it, they turn around like a leaf on the treat and suddenly you're a slut." Is there a neighborhood that the girls avoid? "Zwarte Vijvers" (a neighborhood in Molenbeek), they say in chorus. "There you're not safe as a woman late at night".

Somewhat further up the Anspachlaan, next to a branch of the Attijariwafa bank which serves Moroccans aboard, is Naima (18), who says she's never been bothered. Does that have to do with the black headscarf on her hair? "Not at all." Some men love short skirts, others not at all. In any case you can't lump together all Moroccan men.

Four female Brussels parliament members blame Brigitte Grouwels for that. Without being acquainted with the problems they think that the State Secretary stigmatizes the whole Moroccan neighborhood and stimulates the feeling of insecurity. Grouwels emphasizes that she's never said that all men or boys in certain neighborhoods acts with disrespect. "I simply want to make the problem discussable." 'Silence kills!'.

The State Secretary had meanwhile announced in the Brussels parliament a scientific study of violence and intimidation against women in the capital. Additionally there will be a report center where women can come with their complaints of verbal aggression.

Sources: Nieuwsblad, Grouwels 1, 2 (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

' least three travelers passed by, but nobody tried to help her.'

What an absolutely pathetic image of Belgium this presents to the world.

What is wrong with you people?

Natasha said...

Do women in Brussels not fight back or know self defense?

If they pulled that shit here, I can tell you, they'd run into a lot of women that would kick their little misogynist asses, no joke. There are numerous Muslim men here, but I've yet to hear them scream whore at some American woman walking the street--they know they would have a group of women ripping them into shreds--they only way they could do it here is if they targeted women walking alone...and even then, there is still that risk--women fight back here. Not all but most,

especially in the younger generation. Just let some man call me whore and I'll assure him a trip to the dentist is needed--not that we don't have rapes and attacks here, we do, we also have many incidents where people do nothing--

not to say that all women fight back, but the attitudes of women are different here--though the PC police is changing that. So I wonder, because I've not ever been to Brussels,

if these behaviors are a shock to women and they simply don't react or have the solidarity to react or,

if its because we in America deal with this type of b.s. misogyny even from our own men, so maybe we are a bit toughened up and not too caring about fitting into passive roles here. When women, well look at the Hilary reaction--women are Furious in this country right now over misogynist remarks in the media, and they are fighting mad, and I do mean mad.

The more misogyny the more women do fight here--one case in particular, seven lesbian women were assaulted verbally and physically on a street by an American man, they fought back and one killed him, in self defense. they were sent to prison, though one has won an appeal--due to the activism on their behalf [there were men who did jump in to help these women but the court system, which is nothing but a pack of sexist pigs, the judge in the case especially, left That evidence out, but the battle is far from over.

There is slowly this mentality here that feminists are confronted with, much to do with nationalism/race and the backlash against feminist movement but even then--Muslim men do this crap to their women here but in public they reserve their true sentiments, keep them to themselves. So I would have to wonder, what it is in the social climate there that these women aren't taking to the streets and forming women's armies per se, to walk in groups. And to hell with what government says--

its called Civil Disobedience. Do some research on the Guardian Angels here in America, how they patrol the streets to prevent crime against the most vulnerable--thats what women need to do in Belgium...form a women's Guardian Angels, independent from government, if government objects tell them to GO STRAIGHT TO HELL,

its 2008, not 12th century. I think though, this is what happens when feminism is the result of benevolent male paternalism [as it is in socialism of the granting of rights but not truly from women saying, no to male entitlement].

The only way to fight this misogynist bullshit is to stand up and fight it, wearing scarves, no, that just gives more power to these men and they'll do it more--and IF women were to form groups of five or more, all across Belgium, it would be noticed.

What you need is some militancy, sure its not lady like--but hey, these men raped this woman and people walking by did nothing, maybe from fear OR maybe from their 'own misogyny'.

Freedom doesn't come to those who are nice--you have to fight for it, and you can't be nice in the face of misogyny on that level--they aren't going to change. But if they know women will learn self defense and stomp their sorry fucking asses into the ground--they will Think twice, before saying,


You see, there are other types of veils out there...its called fists, kicks, knives, baseball bats, WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY--let them know, our telling you NO is our Veil assholes and you respect that OR ELSE.

When the government [and they will] says, you can't do that--easy, you tell them,

our bodies aren't for sale for your goddamn PC so you can build your voter block and your economy on our backs. To the government OFF OUR BACKS.

This is what women are going to have to do, and citizens as well. Sure they may outnumber--SO WHAT,

we have a saying, where I grew up...REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

big numbers mean nothing...when you are fighting for Freedom from all types of enslavement. What the world needs, is the Courage to say, Fuck you totalitarian misogynist pigs, Bring It On, and MEAN IT.

I can wear a dress and be feminine but I can just as well get in my car and run a man over if I had to. WOMEN NEED TO STOP CAVING IN TO THIS CRAP, AND START FIGHTING FOR THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS--

we applaud women who fight for nations, but when women fight for themselves we tend to frown, its deviating from the 'gender norms'.

Next time women you walk down the streets in Belgium--and some man calls you a whore, or threatens you because he thinks he has some special penis entitlement and I don't care WHAT GOD HE THINKS GAVE IT TO HIM...fight him as if you were fighting to save your child.

Would you let them hurt your child? Then why let them hurt you...and living in FEAR is not the answer. Today they intimidate you with sexual violence for not walking around like some covered up clone, tomorrow they'll intimidate you for even being outside.




Anonymous said...

In the U.S. I would absolutely stop to help a woman being raped. In Europe, no way. I'd be sued for everything I had, jailed, and then deported. The non-Muslims of Europe are going to have to stand up for themselves. They won't, just like Jews 70 years ago and we know what happened to them.

Natasha said...

either that--I don't know the laws or social climate in your country--I do know how socialism works to shove women into this mental dark age submissive bullshit--dealt with that here, they are all gung ho for liberation just not from women being liberated--

but you know I'd start forming some women's groups like Guardian Angels to monitor these neighborhoods/areas, and then, if you can--


I swear seriously, people unless they want to keep caving in to this totalitarian dark age witch burning woman hating bullshit, they are going to have TO GET VICIOUS.

The battle is in the mind first--that means, Yes, breaking from convention and protocol, that means Yes, breaking away from gender norms, and so called proper behaviors. The police aren't going to do anything--obviously,

and kid yourself not, we are seeing this caving here in the states too, its slow but its happening here. But when push comes to shove here people will fight back--I think too, it has a lot to do with the fact that people do have the right to bear arms here--you KNOW the fascists are in power when they start demanding Americans to give up their guns--but I can assure you,

there Will be Civil War on that day, I have been to England and I did notice a huge difference in attitudes there, and that was in the 80s and honestly, I'm not surprised at the take over by theocratic Moonbats there.

I won't be shocked the say oh Queen Mother is donned with a burqa. They are gutless--its a damn shame that it takes white nationalists to fight back--of which I'm not one, but it tells you something about the years of indoctrination in Europe.

Passive Resistance WILL NOT WORK. It never does in the face of that kind of terror. And I think the world is seeing that more and more...people are afraid that it will provoke or cause more violence,

women are afraid that if they fight back they'll be raped/or killed. Got news for them--they raping and killing you anyway, so you might as well go down fighting sister.

Look up the Guardian Angels groups that were started here in America, by African Americans, in the inner cities. Every city where they are the crime goes down--they patrol the streets, when they first started the police didn't welcome them,

but, thats when you have to stand your ground and say--we don't have protection--we don't pay you, we don't support you, we strike, we boycott, we do whatever necessary--government for the people, not government to oppress the people or to sell them out to slavery.

STRATEGIES---the need for strategy, and keep it underground...seriously,

it will come to the time where people who want to be free will have to resort to guerrilla tactics, and do it better than the revolutionaries who created those tactics. Its real simple--its about survival now...and the common people know it.

voyeur said...

Weapons are needed. Rape alarms etc are all very well but they are a last-ditch measure. The problem is that Europe has been dis-armed by a police force that has trained itself to allow violence by ethnic minorities so as to keep up the facade of multiculturalism. Therefore womens movements have to shake off the lethargy of the moneyed years and go for the right to carry a weapon for self-defence.

costin said...

Being so coward is seen like a sign of intelligence. I was talking 2 months or so ago with a belgian friend from Gent and she was telling me about a belgian guy on a bus, being slaped it the face and pushed by a Marocan. He didn't fight back. he just sgut up and wait for that guy to finish. This friend of mine that saw the whole thing said to me:
"This guy was intelligent because he did not fight back. He could have had it much worse". It's terrible!

Artfldgr said...

i am sorry to say that a woman is at a serious disadvantage and that she cant kick butt like they do in the movies.

good self defense instructors tell them to hurt if they can, then run like heck!

if a man and a woman have exaclty the same hight and body weight, the man has more lung capacity, thicker bones, immnuity to pain under adrenaline, more than double her upper body strength. just the muscle fat thing translates to a speed that she cant match... and power behind it too.

if the man is my size, then you wouldnt last a second. i am 6'3" 230 lbs. Men know enough that they dont have much of a chance with a man who is 10 lbs heavier than mike tyson.

this is why boxing categories are so tiny and so many. 15lbs makes a huge difference when expertise is similar.

my dad when we used to play wrestle taught me this truth. i was small and young, and not big yet, and he would just let his weight lay on me. i couldnt move his 265 lbs, without leverage and up agaisnt a wall, or floor, you have zero leverage.

your nuts natasha... they dont bother with the american women because they dont want to be soiled by you. thats their attitude. with 40% plus american women with a STD, your not the prize you think yuou are.

let some man call me whore and I'll assure him a trip to the dentist is needed

your funny...

seven lesbian women were assaulted verbally and physically on a street by an American man, they fought back and one killed him, in self defense. they were sent to prison

yeah.. we saw that one... the man didnt want to hurt them, and they killed him because he liked them, then they were mean to him, then he said something mean back.

he is a western man who knows not to fight a woman one on one.

though if he wasnt on the street, and worried about deportation or prison, they wouldnt have had a chance.

he didnt have a chacne because he didnt know they were going to fight to the death, if he knew that it wouldnt have been the same.

i hope you get to visit my wifes country some day... go fora walk by yourself in some rural area..

then see if you make it out. the 5 girls that did that were beheaded and their bodies left on the street.

you think your tough since your in a country whose men respected women and loved them enough to give them what they watned.

well now you got what you wanted.

how does it feel?

these women are on their own in brussels bcause of wopmen like you.

your so tough, why do you need us men to protect you? well you dont, and what happened in that subway was because the men dont protect you any more.

you find that fine, cool...

but dont go complaining as to outcomes because you hated invaders so much you beat up on your protectors as proxy. now the protectors are under YOUR protection, its the respousiblity of women who take up that job.

ther is no reason for a man today to defend women any more. they have told us that they dont need us, margeinlized us from family, and so on.

of course you dont get that the islamic men are fighting for their women, and they think that living in brussels is nicer thanliving in a dessert...

so they will, at the behest of family and heir women adn children, take everythig away from those that dont live in the real world.

natasha... dont get angry at me.. i didnt do the crime, i aint doing the time. i would have helped that girl and the devl the consequences, but i am an old guy, and it was you feminists that taught me that if i am a member of an oppressor class, and i help yuou and defend you, then i am oppressing you!!!!

got that? thats your socialist justice logic. that an oppressor is always an oppressor, and that any decent act by such is still an act of opression.

so i wouldnt want to opress someone like you, so you are free to find out if you can really fight..

do note that those girls drew a knife in a crowd because of a verbal insult. they escalated wihout telling their opponent so they could surprise him with it.

thats not honest fighting, thats as sick and slick as these rapists. as they diodnt tell their victim what will happen in a bit.

you have given the clear reason that you women of the west are on your own....

you cant rant like you just did, and expect us to help you or like you. your so tough, you take on islamics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ella said...


Although I do not agree with everything natasha wrote I prefer not to write what I think about your post - the words I would describe it are not often heard in polite society.
Women are at disadvantage as you said because we are smaller but why should the woman kick and use a (weaker) force against a (stronger) rapist when she has a brain? She can get a mace/pepper spray, in an extreme situations she can legally get a gun. You don't want to get into fight with the rapist - you want not to get raped and for that purpose the use of pepper spray, a cell phone and a fast police action is usually enough - not always but often. Normal society where the rape is an abomination also helps.
We do not live in 14 century and a muscle force is less important, at least to people with brains.

Artfldgr said...

ella your missing the point. the point is that we of good society want it better.

but the good and bad are lumped together and attacked. and so it alienates the good men from comig to the aid.

natasha is a great example of piss and vinegar and yet she cant see that she depends on the society to help her. (i do too!)

howver your list is useless. its a thinking persons answer to hwo they would handle a situation, all fantasy and not much reality.

i remember back in the 70s, when they originally told women to fight back... that was till they realized that the women that fought back ended up dead, and so they were on the wrong statistical table.

your too clouded to realize that this smallness problem is not just women, its children, wheel chair persons, and more.

and the same applied to it all.

i doubt that you walk around with your finger in your pepper spray at the ready... do you?

then its useless... the kind of altercation in the subway described would never let her respond...

you also dont realize that such asswhipes will give her a smiley for her efforts.

cant have it both ways... you cant attack and alienate the people that are on your side and love you adn then expect them to come running to save you when the result is to be pissed on.

you dont see that natasha and the rapsts are from the same mold!!!

the rapists are using a henious act to force complicance to their ideas and ways.

natasha is all for violance up to murder to force complaince to her ideas and ways.

you can spout platitiyudes and stuff all you want... but i am old enough and well read enough to know where things ar from, who said what, and so on.

usefule idiots rarely do till its too late.

"The party did all it could to induce women to go into industry. Its fashion designers created special styles for them and its songwriters wrote special songs to spur them.... War-period conditions, they planned, were to become a permanent part of the future educational program. The bourgeois family as a social unit was to be made obsolete." (153)

There was to be no family but the party and the state. Dodd helped organize the Congress of American Women, a forerunner of the feminist movement.

"Since it was supposedly a movement for peace, it attracted many women. But it was really only a renewed offensive to control American women... Like youth and minority groups, they are regarded as a reserve force of the revolution because they are more easily moved by emotional appeals." (194-195)

that was bella dodd. she was the head of the communist party in the USA...

"Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism." - Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

"A world where men and women would be equal is easy to visualize, for that precisely is what the Soviet Revolution promised." - Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex (New York, Random House, 1952), p.806

"The Women's Caucus [endorses] Marxist-Leninist thought." -- Robin Morgan, Sisterhood is Powerful, p. 597

you can pretend to make me feel bad that you might use harsh words. but at least i know where my thoughts originated, my ideas for living, and so forth.

women in the west were and are dupes. your ex leaders say so.

i can list many many many of them all working for the same end.

i also know the history of multiculturalism, potlicial correctness (party mentality, right party mind), and lots of other things.

they were invented before you and i were born.

so you cant shame me. i have done no wrong in this battle of the sexes. in fact i married a foreign woman and have removed myself from the field of play.

natasha is just as wrong as the turkish men. but it takes good morals to see it.

the good men tried to tell you women what a matriarchy was like.

that serial monogamy makes harem women of the top men...(and the men dont even have to take care of them like before!!! the harem women take care of themselves).

but you dont know the games being played. you believe the selling points that were designed to sell you on these destructive policies and take us with you.

thats fine... you can hollar and continue to figtht for that. that is your right in a free state and i would support that from you.

but you dont have the right to dictate that i can fight for better. that i think murdering 45 million people for the sake of eugenic perfection as margret sanger said with her negro project, is wrong.

you might feel otherwise.

thats all good... but tell the truth to win, not lie to appear like a better option when your not. win by merit.

Half of women have negative feelings about 1-night stands

turns out by forcing he women to live the way they dont want to becasue soem like it a certai way and want to impose that is harmig women.

or do you think that follwoing other women to do something that then makes you feel used and bad a social good? i dont.

do you think that these are the words of a person looking for the interests and freedom of women to do what they want?

"No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one." -- Interview with Simone de Beauvoir, "Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma," Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p.18

i dont..

but then again my grandmother was a chemist in the early part of last century. and other women in myu family did things that are now told to be lies. the first woman runningn for presidential office was in 1878...

they celebrate margret sanger a eugenicist who hitlers people wrote to to learn from.

while i celebrate unknown but better women, like emmy noether. einstein credited her with the origin of the math that helped lay groundwork for his work!!!

but the best the femnazis could do is try to make him out bad and then credit his harpy wife.

what about emmy? sorry, she wasnt a communist, or a socialist. she was a hard working determined woman who knew that the system of merit would let her work if she worked hard enough, but wouldnt give her a free pass like today if she didnt. a remarkable woman.

so you can have your opinion of me all you want. but you would never realize from your ideological perspective that i am for more freedom...but i also know the difference between freedom and imprisonment.

my family has had a lot of experience with the people who origined these ideas.

Artfldgr said...

by the way... your comment on how we dont use muscle force is dumb.

we dont?

may i ask what the police and the state use to get you to comply?

in fact, do you think that the state would walk up and have a talking to those two ass hats?

no... i think the state should do what it used to do. and thats get midevil on their cans... but we are civilized, and we dont allow families to take care of business like that.

thats why rapes were rare in the past, and now are common. so common they are on trains.

dips thinkt hat might doesnt win.

well they are wrong... and your wrong...

that girl needed some muscle. no one was willint to risk theirs.

after all this is a secular world, and ther eis no after life and why should i damage my pleasuer and life to sace someone else who would just as soon spit on me to make her sisters happy?

while that is sarcasm, its the attitude of way too many men. but yout not goint to convine them that you can cahnge your side of the social contract and the other side doesnt change..

haiti is a matriarchy... women are in before dark... they ahce no help with kids... there is no economy...

after all, wihtout a family a man only has to earn enough to keep a hunter happy. men collect toys for women who select them by it (i dont see who wants to marry a indigent as a new show do i?)

when there is no selection, then they can get by so minimally that the rest of society just degrades..

like russia did... like the west is doing...

this keeps going till people with a differnt cultural ideal... walk in and take the land.

its been that way for thoyusands of years... its not going to cahnge... the wives of the men of islam are very happy they will do this... just as the the women of the west were very happy that men didnt walk off and give everything to hitler or stalin.

now i hear young men WANTING to be taken over just to appease their shadenfreude.

read history, find out that this is by design. after all, its how you convert free people into owned slaves.

the leaders say so and know it, and they have you all running into the fire thinking its the exits.

no sweat off my back.. my family lived through those regimes... most americans havent.. the venezuelans are finding this out, as the poor are now starving. thoughy it waqs nice that chavez gave their food the hatians. kind of like stalin selling the grain of the starving ukrainians.

i wish you all the best...

and that is not sarcasm, but a real wish.

take care.

Robert said...
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