Islam in Europe Weekly Overview

This week I didn't have much time for blogging, and it also seemed to me that much of the news were repeats. The 'big news', I think, was the acquittal in Denmark of the Jyllands-Posten editors on charges of defaming Muslims. Therefore, this overview is really about the news I didn't blog about.

In the UK Abu Hamza lost the extradition fight. At the same time, as was announced more than a month ago, Abu Qatada, "Bin Laden's ambassador to Europe", was released on bail.

In Sweden, authorities rejected the asylum request (SV) of Adel Abdu al Hakim, a Chinese Muslim freed from Guantánamo.

In Denmark, authorities released more information about the plot to kill Muhammad cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. In other news, a new poll shows that 54% of Danes (DA) don't care if their colleagues at work wear a hijab. However, in a poll from a year ago, 71% of Danes were against a hijab ban.

In France, a court overturned the marriage annulment decision, until it goes through the appeal process.

In the Netherlands, Muslim organizations were awarded with the international Golden Table Goodness Award (NL), for giving out 2,200 kilo of sacrifice meat collected during Eid to the poor and homeless.

Pork and halal

A researcher in the Netherlands, Christien Meindertsma, has found that pigs are used in 187 products (NL). She traced the usage of one pig, and disocvered it was used among other things for beer, medicines, ammunition, heart valves, brake discs, and chewing gum. Meindertsma is showcasing her work at the Rotterdam Kunsthal.

Meanwhile, halal meat is being sold (DA) in supermarkets in Denmark, and customers are not always being notified.


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