Denmark: Shelter reports 70% of women are immigrants

The Dannerhuset women's shelter is experiencing more and more women of foreign origin who turn to them for help, because they're beat up by their husbands, but there's not enough information about the women.

Therefore Dannerhuset has started off two research projects to investigate violence in minority families and to estimate how much help those women get today.

Vibe Klarup Voetmann, manager of Dannerhuset, says that there's not enough research in the field, and that she's very happy to get more information about the women.

Last year Dannerhuset was in contact with over 1,400 women, 70% of them of non-Danish background, most, according to Vibe Klarup Voetmann, from the Middle East.

TrygFonden has supported the projects with 3.4 million kroner.

Source: BT (Danish)

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